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Top 10 Anime like Komi Can’t Communicate That You Should Watch

We generally listen to people saying that animes are always about fights, action, horror, and fantasy, and that’s the fun about anime. But what good is the anime series which belongs to the slice of life, romantic and cutesy genre? They are attractive just the way they are, and just like other shounen anime, they have there different kind of theme that are fascinating to people who like watching them. One anime series that made its way directly to viewers’ hearts is Komi Can’t Communicate. The manga series is also known as Komi-san wa, Kmoyusho Desu, and is one of the high-ranked lifelikeness anime series. Komi Can’t communicate gained popularity for including some of the most beautifully designed characters, and here we shall look into anime like it.

Initially, the series Komi Can’t Communicate was released as a manga series drafted and demonstrated by Tomohito Oda. The manga was officially published by Shogakukan and dropped its very first chapter on 18th May 2016. Till now, the manga has collected 23 tankobon volumes and is still moving to collect more. Later, an anime series was introduced as one of the top releases of the year 2021 on 7th October. Just like manga series, anime is still ongoing and till now have collected 12 episodes. A television drama series that was a must was also released under the direction of Yoshihito Okashita and Eiji Ishii, which dropped its first episode on 7th September 2021. The drama series concluded on 1st November 2021 with eight episodes in total.

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Komi Can’t Communicate Plot

Since the main theme of the series is a slice of life, it centers on the life of a normal high school girl Shouko Komi. Although every single girl on this planet is beautiful, some of them get a different level of attention from people around them. The same happened with Shouko on her first day of attending elite Itan Private High School. She immediately started receiving a lot of attention that resulted in an overwhelming increase in her popularity. Her unmatched beauty combined with pure elegance was the sole reason that her classmates, along with the whole school, admired her. However, none of them ever tried to reach how Komi actually felt about all this sudden admiration and attention.

Unlike some other girls, who would have enjoyed getting so much attention, Komi was socially awkward. She suffered from a severe communication disorder and gets numb whenever someone tries to talk to her. But every princess has her knight in shining armor to protect her. In this case, it was Hitohito Tadano. Tadano noticed her different behavior with the crowd and figured out behind her immense beauty, he hid her weakness. His attempts to help Komi overcome this fear of her and reach the goal of 100 friends have been depicted in this series.

Anime like Komi Can’t Communicate

Since we have got a good introduction to the series Komi Can’t Communicate, it’s time to get back to the subject. Below is the list of Top 10 anime that are just like the series we have discussed above. The series listed below are related to Komi Can’t Communicate just because they share the same genre of a slice of life and romance. All the series listed below don’t have literally similar plots with Komi Can’t communicate, just have a similar concept of theme. Let’s get started. Stick till the very end to know every detail about all the anime listed below.

Kaguya Sama: Love is War

The series that is similar to Komi Can’t communicate is Kaguya Sama: Love is War by Aka Akasaka. The manga has been officially published by Shueisha and is available to read on Viz Media as an English-translated version. The manga series debuted with its very first chapter on 19th May 2015 and is still ongoing. As for the anime adaption, it has been produced by A-1 Pictures Studio and is one of the well-known works by the studio. The series is set up in the senior high school of Shuchiin Academy and goes around the life of Miyuki Shirogane and Kaguya Shinomiya, who look really good together.

Top 10 anime series like Komi Can't communicate

Kaguya Sama: Love is war

Don’t Toy with me, Nagatoro – San

Don’t Toy with me, Nagatoro – San or Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San is a Japanese web manga series by Nanashi. The manga series was released on 1st November 2017 and is still going on. Till now, it has been collected into 11 tankobon series. The anime adaptation manga was produced by Telecom Animation Films and debuted on 11th April 2011. The plot of the series goes around the life of an introverted second-year student of Kazehaya High School Naoto Hachioji. The protagonist avoids having social interactions and prefers to draw manga in his spare time when his junior comes to toy with him.

Anime series like Komi Can't Communicate

Don’t toy with me miss Nagatoro


ReLIFE is also known as Riraifu, is a Japanese manga series that was released in Webtoon format is written by Yayoiso. The manga was officially published by NHN Japan and Earth Star Entertainment Publications. The plot of the series focuses on the life of a young 27-year-old man who is NEET but unemployed. Arata Maizaki works part-time at a convenience store, but one fateful day was provided a job opportunity by a mysterious man named Ryo Yoake. The anime adaption also centered on the main theme and was produced by TMS Entertainment and Double Eagle Studio. It consists of 13 episodes and concluded on 2nd July 2016.



Horimiya also known as Hori – San to Miyamuara -Kun is a Japanese web manga series by Hiroki Adachi. A hard copy of the manga was published by Square Enix and debuted in February 2007. As the manga has been concluded, it can be collected as 10 tankobon volumes. The plot of the manga series focuses on the life of Kyoko Hori, who is a very bright and popular student at high school but has a totally different personality at home. Sae goes with Miyamura, who is a very shy boy at school but has many piercings and tattoos while he is outside the school. Both of them, after knowing each other’s truth, helped each other to keep it a secret at school. The anime series also centered on the same plot and was released on 10th January 2021.

Anime series like Komi Can't communicate


Val X Love

Another manga series on the list is Val X Love by Ryousuke Asakura that was published by Square Enix Publications. The manga debuted with its very first chapter in December 2015 and is still moving on with more chapters. An anime adaption of the series by Hood Entertainment was released on 5th October 2019 that concluded with 12 episodes in total. The plot of the manga focuses on the life of the protagonist Takuma Akustsu who is known for having a scary face. He was sidelined by his classmates and always got bad attention of like gangsters and thugs. Due to this, he developed social anxiety and stayed awkward while covering with people.

Val X Love

Senryuu Shoujo

Senryuu Shoujo or Senryuu girl is a Japanese manga series by Masakuni Igarashi and was officially published by Kodansha. The manga debuted its very first episode chapter on 19th October 2016 and concluded on 22nd April 2020. The manga has been collected into 13 tankobon series and is continuing with its anime adaptations. The story of the series centers on the relationship of Nanako Yukishiro and Eiji Busujima. Each episode picks up with every day through their life and their journey together writing Senryu. As for the anime adaption of the manga, it was produced by Connect Studio and debuted on 6th April 2019.

Sneryuu Shoujo

Rent a Girlfriend

Rent – A – Girlfriend, also known as Kanojo Okarishimasu, is a Japanese manga series by Reiji Miyajima. The manga was officially published by Kodansha and dropped out its very first chapter on 12th July 2017 and is still going on. Another manga series by the same author titled Rent a (Really Shy!) Girlfriend was released on 21st June 2020, and its status is also ongoing. The anime adaption of the manga was released on 11th July 2020 and is still ongoing and currently has 12 episodes in total. Crunchyroll has officially licensed the series to air it all over the world. As for the plot of the series, it’s about the life of a boy named Kazuya Kinoshita who was dumped by his girlfriend after dating for a month.

Top 10 anime series like Komi Can't communicate

Rent a girlfriend


Working!! or Wanganaria is a Japanese four-panel comic strip manga series by Karino Takatsu. The manga was officially published by Square Enix and dropped its very first chapter in January 2005. As the manga has already been concluded, it has been collected into 13 tankobon manga series. An anime adaption was of the series was released on 4th April 2010 that concluded with 13 episodes. Later, the series get renewed with another season on 1st October 2011, and it also contains the same amount of episodes as the previous season. Further another season for the series was also released titled Web-ban Working!!, WWW.Working!!. All over, the series contains 59 episodes in total and is available to stream on official platforms.


Karakai Jozu No Takagi- san

Karakai Jozu no Takagi- san, popularly known as Teasing Master Tagaki San, is a Japanese manga series that is in the limelight because of its upcoming movie in 2022. The manga series was created by Soichiro Yamamoto, was published by Shogakukan, and released on 12th June 2013. The manga centers on the life of two high school students named Nishikata and Takagi who are schoolmates, classmates, and bench mates. Takagi is the type of person who likes to tease other people and, therefore, always pranks and teases Nishikata. However, Nishikata decides to get his revenge but fails every time. The time he really won, he didn’t feel like enjoying his victory resulted in him getting feelings for her.

Anime series like Komi Can't Communicate

Karakai Jouzo no Takagi San

My Senpai is Annoying

My Senpai is Annoying, also known as Senpai ga Uzai Kohai no Hanashi, is a Japanese manga series by Shiro Manta. Just like all the anime and manga series above, this also belongs to the romance, comedy, and slice of the genre. The manga was officially published by Ichijinsha and English translation by Seven Seas Entertainment. It debuted its first chapter in the year 2017 and till now is collected in 8 tankobon volumes. An anime adaption of the manga was produced by Doga Kobo Studio, which released its very first episode on 10th October 2021. The anime series has already concluded and contains 12 episodes in total.

Anime like Komi Can't communicate

My Senpai is Annoying

The plot of the series goes around the life of a young girl named Futaba Igarashi, who is infamous because of her short stature. The protagonist is a tiny, untidy girl who is an office worker but was generally mistaken as a small kid. Throughout the series, you will get to witness Futaba complaining about her big and muscular coworker Harumi Takeda who always bugs her. However, in the midst of all this, Fubata develops feelings for him and struggles to get in terms with him.

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