Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!

10 anime that deserve a reboot
10 anime that deserve a reboot

There are a lot of times when all we want is for our favorite anime to be on air again. Then there are times when the anime that we so loved didn’t get a proper ending or came to be unexpectedly discontinued. Also, now with so much advancement in animations, maybe some classic anime need to have their story retold. Whatever may be the reason, there are a lot of anime that we wish would get a much-deserved reboot. When it comes to this topic, each of us has our own list of anime that we would like to be rebooted. 

Amongst those that we surely won’t deny, deserve a remake, there are some pretty famous ones that the fans still aren’t over. Maybe years have passed in some cases, regardless of which determined fans are still asking for a remake. Here are the top 10 anime that 10/10 deserve a reboot. 

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1. Tokyo Ghoul 

If you have watched anime enough, then chances are that you have already heard about the popular supernatural series Tokyo Ghoul. Praised as a classic in the supernatural genre, the manga series written by Sui Ishida is critically acclaimed and remains a fan-favorite to date. Thus it is no wonder that the fan community was expecting the anime series to be just as good as the manga. While the first season of the series turned out to be a promising banger, things started going downhill from the second season when Pierrot Studio made major changes to the original storyline.

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!
Tokyo Ghoul

This would have been fine as such a thing is fairly common, however, what is not common is abruptly reverting back to the manga’s storyline without any explanation. Fans were heavily disappointed with the last two seasons of the anime series. Many were not even able to understand the storyline due to the abrupt changes. Now, fans have recently started a campaign for the series to get a reboot that does justice and stays true to the amazing world created by Sui Ishida.

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2. Promised Neverland

Season 1 of the Promised Neverland series is one of the best anime adaptions. Back when it came out in 2018, for all the right reasons, it gained immense popularity and a large fanbase. However, the second season ended up becoming a huge blow to the expectations of the fans. Much to everyone’s disappointment season 2 greatly differed from the promising storyline, pace, and settings of the much loved first season. Not only that, but one can consider it to be an original anime series because the storyline was just too different from the one written in the manga. Many fans are of the opinion that the second season’s storyline should be discontinued altogether and have a new season following season 1’s plot, which without a doubt has immense potential. 

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!
Promised Neverland

3. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

Yoshihiro Togashi is a household name in the anime industry. The mangaka is mainly famous for his work Hunter x Hunter. However, another one of his popular works includes Yu Yu Hakusho. An anime of the ’90s, it was one of the most popular series in the supernatural genre. From the storyline to the characters, the series was a complete banger. The anime adaption of the manga did a satisfactory job, and to this date, fans love it. However, the anime series ended abruptly and didn’t include a few very important chapters of the manga.

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!
Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files

The Three Kings Arc arc of the manga, which is the last one, was an arc that Togashi was forced to write by his editor. Ultimately the series ended up being discontinued. Despite all of this, the series remains a fan favorite, with there even being a fan petition for a reboot of the anime. Recently, Yu Yu Hakusho has made headlines because there’s going to be a Netflix live adaption of the series, and the fan base couldn’t be more excited. It will be worthwhile if the series could give the show the proper ending that it deserves. With the advancement in animations, fans hope to see an anime remake of the classic series. 

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4. Akira 

If you are a lover of anime movies and more particularly, the thrilling and adventurous ones, you might have already heard about the popular and unparalleled movie Akira. Released in the ’90s, Akira, to this date, remains a movie unforgotten. The movie is directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, the mangaka of the series itself, and hence is perfect in all aspects. When we say that Akira needs a reboot, it isn’t because the series is lacking but rather because we want to see more. Only the first part of the manga has been depicted in the movie. The second part, which is even more amazing, hasn’t been adapted. Thus having an anime reboot of Akira depicting the entire storyline would definitely make for an amazing series. 

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!

5. Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you are familiar with the early 2000’s classic anime, then there is a high probability that you have watched Yu-Gi-Oh! Having more than 200 episodes, Yu-Gi-Oh! is all in all an action-packed anime. The series really does have an amazing storyline but due to various reasons, is very difficult to watch. The Japanese version has a lack of English subs and is full of filler episodes. On the other hand, the dubbed version is full of some heavy censorship in order to make it appropriate for children, which has, in turn, removed some important aspects of the series like the use of guns and buzzsaw blades. All of this makes the series really difficult to watch. The new series should rectify all this and focus on adding in the more mature plotline of the manga. Darling away with the card games may also be a good idea as they are mainly there for promotional purposes of the merchandise. 

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!

6. Zatch Bell! 

When it came to the fantasy genre, Zatch Bell! was pretty much one of the most popular anime series out there. It aired on Cartoon Network, and more often than not, it was a go-to anime for a lot of viewers during the 2000s. Having a total of 150 episodes and two movies, the series tells an interesting story of a demon who ends up teaming up with a human in order to occupy the ruling throne of the demon world. It was definitely an interesting anime that really did receive a lot of love, but fans got a shock due to its abrupt end. The author, Makoto Raiku, was himself, very much disheartened over the discontinuation of the series. Zatch Bell! definitely deserves to make it to the list of anime that need a reboot. 

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!
Zatch Bell!

7. Soul Eater

During the late 2000s, Soul Eater was easily one of the most popular anime. Despite its popularity, though, the first season that ended up having a total of 51 episodes never saw a second season. For most, the show was pretty much amazing till the grand finale. That’s because the anime ended up differing greatly from the manga and was done in an obviously rushed way. In spite of all this, there is still a larger part of the fan base that wishes for the anime to have a reboot. 

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!
Soul Eater

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8. Naruto 

The Big Three of anime are the most popular anime of all, and Naruto is one of them. One would wonder why Naruto needs a reboot, and really there aren’t a lot of reasons. However, the few are enough to make one want a remake. Naruto is infamous for fillers with a total of about 40% filler episodes. In addition, there’s the problem of erratic animation. If the reboot can do away with these problems, then the series would improve to a great degree. 

Anime That Deserve A Reboot
Naruto Shippuden

9. Pandora Hearts 

A classic example of rushed and confusing endings, Pandora Hearts is an anime that takes the cake. What started out as a dark and mature series ended up becoming a comedy in between. The anime did well till it followed the story of the manga, but things went downhill pretty fast after it started unexpectedly deviating. The ending left all of the viewers confused, but what actually ended up transpiring. It would do good for a reboot to actually stick to the plotline of the manga that is perfect all on its own. 

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!
Pandora Hearts

10. His and Her Circumstances 

Hideaki Anno is of the best anime directors in the entire industry. He is famous for directing a number of notable works. However, when he tried to change the anime series, His and Her Circumstances from a romance series to a comedy one, the author Masami Tsuda simply wouldn’t have it. At her incessant behest, Hideki Anno resigned as the director mid-way through the series. As a result, the producer took over the direction, and the anime ended up having no clear ending. The manga has a great romance-centric plotline, and it would be really good if it had a proper anime adaption. 

Top 10 Anime That Deserve A Reboot!
His and Her Circumstances

With this, we conclude the list of the anime series that deserve a reboot. Let us know the other series that you think should make it to the list.

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