Too Hot to Handle Season 4: Are There Plans For Renewal?

too hot to handle season 4
Too Hot to Handle (2020-)

There is something addictive about reality shows that we cannot get rid of. Reality shows are made fun of a lot, but still, they are one of the most-watched genres of all on streaming platforms. One such show that gained immense popularity once it was released was Too Hot to Handle. The show quickly gained the top spot in Netflix back in 2020. Pretty soon, the next two seasons were renewed, with Season 3 releasing on January 19, 2022. However, fans are now excited to know what is in store. Hence, we will get to know more about Too Hot to Handle Season 4 in this article.

One of the major reasons why the first season was so popular is because it had released during early 2020 when the Pandemic had just hit. Owing to Lockdown and the rise of OTT platforms, the reality show gained so much popularity, as people would binge-watch everything and anything. However, there are other reasons for the show being popular. Yet, there is something to be worried about. The show’s rating had and viewership had fallen after the first season.

Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Release Date

As Too Hot to Handle Season 3 was released just in January of this year, the fans are already wondering about when will Season 4 release? However, there is a bit of disappointing news for everyone. There is no news about the release date yet. Apart from this, we also do not know when the team will go back to shooting, or have even started to work on Season 4. Yet, if you are an ardent fan of the show, there is also something that you have to think about.

As mentioned before, after the first season, the viewership of the season started to go down. Netflix usually renews shows and seasons based on their rating and viewership. After the massive popularity of the first season, Netflix had renewed two seasons back to back for Too Hot to Handle. However, now the team has to wait for Netflix’s decision whether they can go ahead with another season or not. Thereby, if you want a Too Hot to Handle Season 4, then you have to encourage the reality shows community to watch the show more.

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Who were the Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Cast?

Too Hot to Handle is known for bringing in extremely good looking people as their members. From the very first season, you are bound to have crushes on the cast from the moment they walk in front of the camera. However, we are pretty sure that you have your favourites, and there are characters whom you just hated. Season 3 was nothing different from the other seasons as well. The cast was extremely good looking, and everyone was just spectacular!

too hot to handle season 4
Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Cast.

Just to start with we have the winners (spoilers ahead!) Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson. Next up we have the finalists Brianna Giscombe, Gerrie Labuschagné, Izzy Fairthorne, Holly Scarfone, Stevan Ditter, Olga Bednarska, Obi Nnadi, and Jackson Mawhinney. The other contestants were Nathan Soan Mingomezulu, Georgia Hassarati, Patrick Mullen, Jaz Holloway, and Truth. All of these casts were quite amazing, and people fawned over the couples that were formed during the whole show.

Too Hot to Handle Season 3: Where are they now?

After every season ends shooting, Too Hot to Handle makes a reunion thing to bring out how are the couples doing once they go out of the show. Though most couples usually break up after a few months of dating, there are some exceptions. In Season 3, we saw a total of 4 couples, and among them, one is still in a relationship. Holly Scarfone & Nathan Soan Mingomezulu, are still together, as they had posted pictures to promote the show. The other couples who had left the show together like Beaux Raymond & Harry Johnson, Izzy Fairthorne & Jackson Mawhinney, and Brianna Giscombe & Obi Nnadi. Though much is not known about them, we have not seen them together much after the show ended. Hence, perhaps they are not together anymore.

too hot to handle season 4
Beaux Raymond & Harry Johnson

Who were the Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast?

Season 2 also had a group of attractive people who got quite popular, and people thoroughly enjoyed them on screen. The team had managed to keep it well hidden from the contestants that they are in Too Hot to Handle, and made it up as a fake show. However, they played it off well, and the shock, in the end, was something else. The winner of Season 2 was Marvin Anthony. The finalists were Chase de Moor, Elle Monae, Emily Miller, Tabitha Cliftt, Nathan Webb, Joey Joy, and Melinda Melrose. The runner ups were Cam Holmes and Carly Lawrence. The other contestants were Larissa Trownson, Robert Van Tromp, Christina Carmela, Peter Vigilante, and Kayla Carter. There was a lot of shipping and drama in Season 2 which people thoroughly enjoyed after the extremely popular Season 1.

Too hot to handle season 2
Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Cast.

Too Hot to Handle Season 2: Where are They Now?

Now let us have a look at the couples of the Too Hot to Handle Season 2, and if they are still together or not. As of now, we know two couples from Season 2 who are still together. Emily Miller & Cam Holmes is the couple that everyone aspires to be. They both had immediately got into a relationship once they entered the villa. Ever since then, they have been inseparable. They faced all the difficulties together, and are still going strong in 2022. Another couple is Melinda Melrose & Peter Vigilante who had a rockier start than the other. Melinda had chosen Marvin instead of Peter, and that was the end of their relationship in the show. However, right after the show ended, Melinda and Marvin broke up. Soon after that, Peter and Melinda took to their Instagram to make their relationship public, and they are still going strong.

to hot to handle season 2
Melinda Melrose & Peter Vigilante

The other couples that had been in a relationship in the show, but could not make it work were, of course, Melinda Melrose & Marvin Anthony, Carly Lawrence & Joey Joy, Christina Carmela & Robert Van Tromp, Tabitha Clifft & Chase de Moor, and Larissa Trownson & Nathan Webb. There were various reasons for these couples not working out. Though most of them gave the reason that the long distance between them did not work out, others thought that it was best to separate than to work out on a difficult relationship. There was not much drama, and the couples had separated quite amicably without making a huge deal out of it.

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Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Applications

If you aspire to be a reality tv star, then this is your opportunity. Usually, reality shows want a good group of contestants that aesthetically looks pleasing together. Hence, if you were thinking about how these shows find these people, or if you want to be a part of the show, then we have got something special for you. You will get to know all about Too Hot to Handle Season 4 Applications.

too hot to handle season 3
Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Winners: Beaux Raymond and Harry Johnson

Before we reveal to you the website from where you can apply, there are a few things that you might want to keep in mind. Asa revealed by the producers of the show, they try to go for people, who do not only look attractive but also are a bit relationship-phobic. You have to be attracted to more than one person, otherwise, it would be too easy to win the $100,000. Another thing that you have to think about is your social media following. All the contestants in Season 2 and Season 3 had a lot of social media followers. Hence, before applying, you might want to increase that as well.

Finally, you can apply to be a contestant in the show, or at least get a chance to audition for the show, by visiting this website. Just go to the website, click on the reality show you want to audition for, fill in the details they have asked for, and then submit your audition video. If you get selected, well congratulations! You might be in Too Hot to Handle Season 4! And if you are not selected, that means two things. You can try again next time, or there might not be a Season 4.

You can watch the series, here.