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Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Cast Members: Full Guide!

Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast

The dating reality show became a huge thing when it came out last year. Now that it’s back, fans are excited to meet the Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast. The American-British dating show is widely popular among viewers. Also, it became the #1 show on Netflix after soon after its release. So, what’s the hype about? Well, last season, the audience gets to see the juicy steamy romance between the contestants. Meanwhile, who does not like drama? And the Netflix show has it all. Season 2, it’s back in the game with new contestants, who will find love among many. So, let’s meet the cast of Too Hot To Handle season 2.

Too Hot To Handle season 2 premiered two days ago, on June 23. The second installment is available to stream on Netflix. Also, this time, they’ll be chilling at The Turks and Caicos Island. What makes the show interesting is the young-blooded hot adults are not allowed to kiss, pet, or have sex. The test of their patience and emotions brings them the title of winner.

This season, the show is again filled with sizzling, hot, and gorgeous Instagram models. But, along with many rules this season, one is to keep their hands off of each other? So, will they be able to? But, before knowing what happened in the show, you should meet these super attractive new contestants of Netflix’s reality show.

Too Hot To Handle Season 2 Cast Members

As we mentioned, the cast this season is undeniably gorgeous and attractive. But, did you know? most of them are already famous. Some for their TikTok videos, while some are out there playing football. So, let’s meet them. We’ll start with the handsome boys.

The Guys

1.Chase DeMoor

Chase is a 25-year-old football player. The 6’5″ handsome hunk has currently signed with the Arizona Rattlers of the Indoor Footballer League. Besides his athletic profile, he also has more than a million followers on his TikTok account. Well, this information is enough to impress the ladies.

Chase DeMoor

2. Peter Vigilante

Peter, who is also known by his other name, Pete is a 21-year-old hunk from New York. He is a famous Tiktoker with over 2 million followers. He mostly posts workout videos indicating that he has a physique to die for. Reportedly, Pete is the most entertaining contestant on the show.

Peter Vigilante

3. Cam Holmes

Cam is a 24-year-old “sexy nerd.” He has given the title to himself. Moreover, Cam is a model and frequently posts sexy pictures of himself while posing with elegance. Cam is a huge Lord of The Rings fan. He even has a tattoo to show his love for the movie.

Cam Holmes

4. Nathan Webb

Nathan, who is born English, is currently residing in Fort Worth, Texas. Away from his country, here in the US, he works as a dancer and stripper. Moreover, his pictures truly give us ‘Magic Mike’ vibes. The combination of Nathan’s English and Texan is bliss for the ladies in season 2.

Nathan Webb

5. Marvin Anthony

Marvin hails from Paris and is another big guy in the game with an impressive built of 6’4″. He used to be a professional basketball player, but now he works in finance. Both of his professions are attractive enough to catch all the ladies’ attention.

Marvin Anthony

The Girls

1.Melinda Berry

The beautiful breakout star of season 2, Melinda is funny and down to Earth. Melinda is 28, probably one of the eldest on the show. But, she is still funny and carefree. Berry revealed that she grew up with 15 siblings.

Melinda Berry

2. Emily Faye Miller

The London-based model is 24-years-old. She forms a close bond with Cam in the new season, but they are on and off most of the time. Emily also has a Tiktok account.

Emily Faye Miller

3. Larissa Townson

The New Zealand-born lawyer is 28-years-old. Larrisa is one of the mature members of the other cast. But, she surely knows how to win people. Well, we can’t blame her for her good lawyer skills.

Larrisa Townson

4. Carly Lawrence

Carly Lawrence is a 24-year-old, and she considers herself as a “man eater.” She immediately grabbed attention in the show because of her looks. Also, she has some cool tattoos.

Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast

Carly Lawrence

5. Kayla Carter

Lastly, we have Kayla Carter. She is a 26-year-old model and bartender. Carter shared that she had a strict upbringing. So, she does not follow the rules as an adult. Sounds interesting!

Too Hot To Handle season 2 cast

Kayla Carter

The list of Too Hot To Handle cast is over. But, you can get to know them more by watching the new season. Watch it here on Netflix. 

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