Too Hot To Handle Brazil Cast: Where Are They Now?

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Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Where Are They Now?
Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Where Are They Now?

Too Hot To Handle Brazil more popularly known as Brincando Com Fogo, is actually a Netflix dating reality based on the exact format of its English counterpart known as Too Hot To Handle. The Brazil edition was nearly as big as a hit as the English edition. With its exciting plotlines and interesting storylines, fans were happy as long as their favorite couples ended up together on the show.

The show has been over for some time now and it has left fans wondering whether the pairs got engaged in real life as well. Reality dating shows like Too Hot To Handle often raise questions about the veracity of the dating programs and how much of those is really true. There’s oftentimes debate on social media about whether or not the pairings are justified to be together in real life and whether they should call it quits. People were frantically searching social media to know the fate of their favorite pairings, all because the show kept them engaged to the core.

Too Hot To Handle Brazil: Where Are They Now In 2021?

The biggest question that surrounds the success of Too Hot To Handle Brazil is that if the couples from the reality TV show are still together or not. Keep reading below to know about Brenda and Matheus and the rest of their mates.

Too Hot To Handle Brazil: are the couples from the reality TV show are still together?

Brenda and Matheus: Still Together

First off, Brenda and Matheus are still together and their love is going just as strong as it was in the beginning. If there was a couple of fans could vouch for it would be them. When they were introduced on the show, fans could feel an instant spark between them, and boy, they were mistaken. After the show concluded Brenda and Matheus took time to reignite their spark and work towards stabilizing their relationship. In the show, they paired up before everyone else and made out before them as well, and went all the way before Lana was able t announce the edicts. Oftentimes the real-to-real transition can be difficult and a bit tedious. But this couple was successfully able to adapt to the transition.

Caio and Thuany: Still Together

Caio Giovani’s surprise entry in episode 4 was quite something, Fans were thrilled to see him pair with Thuany but often wondered how successful it would be in real life. We are here to tell you their bonding is still going strong as ever. Though Thuany a lot of her time to truly open up, the couple seized every little chance they had to get to know each other truly and well. and more importantly, because Caio has a personality, it was sure to win the 26-year-old businesswoman’s mind and heart.

Leandro and Marina: Separated

Unfortunately for this couple, they are separated and have been living away from each other post the conclusion of the show. Although their coming together was the most stable thing on the show, fans wonder as to what could have kept them apart and separated them. Turns out, Leandro was always willing to follow Lana’s rules and it irked Marina at times, on the show. For now, there is no trace of their love, and it’s pretty clear that they have indeed separated their ways ever since.

Davi and Kethellen: Unclear

For this couple as well, they too have separated their ways and are living apart since the conclusion of the show. They got together in a tantric class in a blindfold game and were very much inseparable during the course of the show. But later on, they made mistakes such as getting drunk often, their silly fights, and the audience too guessed they didn’t belong together. Wherever they are, we wish them all the very best in their future endeavors and now let’s head onto the most famous/ notorious couple, Igor and Ana.

Igor and Ana Clara: Unclear

Although Lana’s instigator and swindler, Ana Clara had a purpose on the show, the moment she saw Igor, they were fireworks across the table. The two shared lovable talks, and more importantly, Igor’s lovable personality was enough to keep them together. It’s not knowing whether they are still together or not, and we hope for the best!

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