Tomura Shigaraki Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

tomura shigaraki facts
Tomura Shigaraki

Tomura Shigaraki is one of the main reasons behind all the major incidence happening in the anime series My Hero Academia. He is the main villain of the My Hero Academia anime series and is also shown as the big trouble for the main protagonist, Midoriya. Tomura is the head of a new generation of villains, League of Villains, and their aim is only to become the Hero hitters.

He is the loyal disciple to his master, All For One. And as a Master, he was helping Tomura to become the next face of All For One. Tomura Shigaraki has only one goal in his mind to kill every single hero and does not leave anything behind. He was mostly dependent on All For One for his development as a villain, but after the confinement of All For One, he gradually started to grow like a tree in the field of Villains. He has enough tendency that he can remove the country from the map, and he is still hungry to get more powers.

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A powerful and destructive villain has some amazing facts which make everyone knows more about him. But Tomura Shigaraki’s facts not only include information about him but also about his powers.

1. Man who defeat Re-Destro

Tomura Shigaraki is not only developing as a deadly villain, but he is also able to defeat Re-Destro, even with his unnatural physical health. After defeating Re-Destro and his organization, Meta Liberation Army, he got the power of whole the regions which comes under Re-Destro and became the new grand commander and changed their organization’s name to Paranormal Liberation Front.

tomura shigaraki facts
Tomura Shigaraki | OtakuKart

2. Tomura looks like a dead man

Tomura Shigaraki is also famous for his appearance. He is a guy who looks more like a loser. His body looks messy with light grey tresses with dull color complexion. His lips give us an impression of he has dehydration, a lack of sufficient water quantity. On both sides of his face have two different things, on the right side, a mole near to his lips, and on the left side, a scar which represents his struggle against his personality.

3. The boy looks different when he was a kid

Tomura had a very struggling life, and all the recent incidents are because of his past self. When he was a kid, he had a different complexion. Because of his quirk’s awakening, he has felt his eyes were itchy. And the color of his tresses was dark in color, and his eyes were greyish.

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4. Fourteen hands carrier

Tomura has been seen as a carrier of 14 hands around his upper body parts. He is using a hand to hide his face from the world not because he has any fear. But because the emptiness in his soul distracts him to focus on certain things. All the hands were part of his family members. But All For One gave him as a gift to carry them. He is shown as an empty shell without all these hands. He carries all the hands as a part of his costume.

5. Tomura has no love for Heroes

Tomura Shigaraki is most likely seen as a villain who has no love for heroes and especially for the world which revolves around heroes. He does not like every single person in society. According to him, they all are greedy peoples who always thinks about themselves. Also, he has shown his dislike for admirers of Heroes, especially All Might and Midoriya. He has a goal to eliminate all the individuals who need heroes.

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Tomura Shigaraki | OtakuKart

6. A rude guy

Tomura Shigaraki is famous not only for his merciless behavior but also because of his rude and ruthless nature. He does not care about people and life, especially when they demand to call heroes their pride. Most of the time, he was seen as a villain who has no feelings for others and does not want to waste his time to save them from any problems.

7. A loyal disciple and caring team leader

Tomura Shigaraki is the opposite when it comes to his Master, All For One. He respects him even though he is the main reason behind all the things which Tomura is following. As a disciple, he always focuses on his words and learns from his actions. He never thinks about his team members. He was more likely using it for his purpose but with time. he just understood that all the members of his team are part of his family. Now he wants only one thinks from them- is to fight for their new world of villains. In his journey from a weak villain to the strongest villain, he never forgets to ask about the advice from All For One.

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8. A man who is not a child anymore

As a learner, Tomura Shigaraki has seen that he is no more a child who ask always from his master. He is now a grown man who can handle everything on their own. Tomura now likes to go against any hero opponent with the help of his League members. And he is no more struggling because of his emotions. Now, he knows that how to deal with himself whenever he gets in a situation like this.

9. Tomura who killed his family

Tomura Shigaraki was not always the same guy as he is now. He was a good boy and likes to play with other kids. Like Midoriya, He also wanted to become a Hero like his grandmother, and because of that, he always feels so happy when someone talks to him about heroes.

tomura shigaraki facts
Tomura Shigaraki | OkakuKart

He was an innocent child, and that is why his sister used him for seeing a photo of his grandmother. Even knowing the fact that their father does not like to talk about his mother. And Tomura’s sister put all the blame on him. His father punished him, and no one helped him when he needed them. He thought that no one loves him and no one cares about him. His brain has started to blank, and his quirk began to give a response against his action. In the end, accidentally killed all the family members.

10. He only hates his father

Tomura Shigaraki always cared about all family members except his fathers. His first and only enemy was his father. And because of him, he became like this. Tomura knew that he is the main reason for all of the changes in his personality. His father does not like his mother, but Tomura always likes her. Tomura’s father holds grudge against him. He started to develop a feeling of hate towards his father, and because of that, he accidentally killed all of his family members. He had a big heart, but because of that incident, he lost everything, even his feelings.

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11. Crying from Inside

Tomura Shigaraki, despite all his bad behavior and negative effects, is a man who is already dying from inside but laughing from outside. He is losing his innocence, his emotions, his positivity, his humanity, and every important aspect of a human. His inner self is always asking for help, and Midoriya was the only one who has seen this side of him. And he wanted to save him before he changed completely into a villain.

12. Intelligent boy

Tomura Shigaraki looks like a man who does not have any brain cells. But his appearance is just an opposite image of his reality. Tomura is an intelligent guy, and he not only thinks from his point of view but also their point of view. He quickly learns the powers of his opponents and reacts according to their actions. He has enough information about heroes and villains. He always acts according to his plan, unlike other villains, he does like to jump in front of the enemy without any preparation.

tomura shigaraki facts
Tomura Shigaraki | OtakuKart

13. Strongest Antagonist

Tomura Shigaraki is the strongest antagonist, and he is going to be stronger as the story progresses. He was weak when we have seen him the first time. But now, he is becoming difficult to deal with. He is learning from every mistake he did till now and trying to avoid them as much as he can. Despite failing every plan, he just looks back on them and analyzes them, and tries to find where he did the mistakes. Because of having the power of leadership, he also guides all his comrades and helps them to fight in difficult situations.

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