Tomodachi Game Episode 6 Release Date: Friends with a Murderer

Tomodachi game Episode 6
Tomodachi game Episode 6 Release date and Time

Tomodachi Game Episode 6 is an upcoming episode and next in the line for one of the most exciting anime of the year 2022. Tomodachi Game anime is unlike most anime that came out in the spring season. Whereas anime like Spy X Family which too came out in the spring of 2022, gives a happy and comedy vibe, Tomodachi Game does something different. With thriller and horror, this anime will have wonder about so many things in life. You might start to wonder if your friends are real or not. Will you be betrayed by them? The sense of reality in this anime is unbelievable.

Tomodachi Game is based on the manga written and illustrated by Yuki Sato. The series was already popular with two live-action movies on the series and a television drama based on the series as well. After eight years of serialization of the manga, the anime adaptation was finally announced in November 2021. Okuruto Noboru studios is producing the anime and the anime finally started airing on April 6.

As of writing this article, there are a total of 5 episodes of the anime. With each episode airing, the anime is getting popular and denser. Fans of the series are excited for the new episode of the anime. So, this article will provide you with all the information you need regarding the release of Episode 6 of Tomodachi Game.

More Information about the Show

If you have seen the Korean Drama “Squid Game” then you must relate its basic plot to Tomodachi Game. Just like the main character of the Squid Game Seong Gi-hun, our boy Yuuichi Katagiri in the Tomodachi game is not blessed with money as well. Financial problems have always been there with Yuuichi although he has learned to live with them and thanks to his friends, he is having a happy high school life. However, misfortunes begin when the money that Yuuichi gathered to go on a school trip with his four best friends has mysteriously vanished. Shiho Sawaragi and Makoto Shibe two of Yuuichi’s friends were in charge of keeping the money so suspicions falls on them.

Tomodachi Game Online
Tomodachi Game Poster

After a while, Yuuichi and his four friends get a mysterious letter that tells them to come to gather in a place. As soon as they arrived, they are knocked out by some mysterious individuals. Manabu-Kun, a controversial children’s tv show character is in front of them. They learn from Manabu-Kun that one of them is the mastermind behind their arrival in this mysterious place. Everyone is informed to play a game of friends that will bring out their trust in each other. Yuuichi who always believed in his friends now must figure out the traitor that is hiding among them.

What is Tomodachi Game Episode 6 Release Date and Time?

Just like many anime episode schedules, Tomodachi Game also has a weekly release schedule. The first episode of Tomodachi aired on the 6th of April. As of today, there is a total of 5 episodes of Tomodachi Game with the latest episode coming out today. As per the release schedule, Episode 6 of the Tomodachi game is all set to release next week. The title of the next episode is “I Really Can’t Be Friends with a “Murderer” and the release date of Episode 6 of the Tomodachi game is May 11, 2022.

Whereas the release time for episode 6 of Tomodachi Game is 12:00 AM Japanese Standard Time (JST). Since episode 6 of Tomodachi Game is titled “I Really Can’t Be Friends with a “Murderer” we can expect the friendship between Yuuichi and his friend to fade even more. As per the basic plot of the anime, we can expect there will be new games as well. These new games will stand between Yuuichi and his friends. The title indicating a murderer might reveal more information regarding one of Yuuichi’s friends.

Tomodachi Game Crunchyroll poster
Tomodachi Game Crunchyroll poster

Where to watch Episode 6 of Tomodachi Game? – Streaming Details

Today’s episode of Tomodachi Game, including all the previous episodes is available to stream on Crunchyroll. You will just have to pay the minimum subscription fee to access the latest episode of the Tomodachi Game. Episode 6 of Tomodachi Game will be available to stream on Crunchyroll as well on May 11, 2022. Furthermore, the English Dub of the Tomodachi game is also available on Crunchyroll including French and Russian Dub.

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