Spoilers & Recap: Tomb Raider King Chapter 247

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Tomb Raider King Chapter 247
Tomb Raider King Chapter 247

Seo Joo -Heon stands before his twin sister in the streets of Havard University in Tomb Raider King Chapter 247. His company has run out of manpower to keep her under surveillance every day, and since he was a bit worried, he decided he should go check how she is doing himself. The previous chapter focused on the attacks that happened out of the blue at the headquarters. And this left most of the workers occupied, and his sister was left without any protection. 

Going to check out his sister might really put her in danger. Because at the moment, the connection between them still remains a secret. We also got to see Juliann’s recovering as she was recently rescued. Her memories have been manipulated, so she still expressed a hostile presence and has no idea about her relationship with Julian. Meanwhile, Seol Ah called in to give updates on the recent attacks in the headquarters of the  Grave Corporation. 

The place is now safe, and all of the enemies have been taken care of. Seo Joo -Heon’s sister, is studying at Harvard under the name Joy Allenby living a good life. This is to keep her away from all of Seo Joo -Heon’s enemies because the moment they figure out her connection with Seo Joo -Heon, they will likely go after her. So as a precaution, Seo Joo -Heon had her sent away, and she probably doesn’t know that she is related to him. In the past, she was diagnosed with relic syndrome that led to her death. 

But due to the effects of the Tomb Raider and Seo Joo -Heon having another go at his life, she is perfectly fine, which explains why Seo Joo -Heon is doing all he can to protect her. 

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Tomb Raider King Chapter 247
Tomb Raider King Chapter 247

Previously on Tomb Raider King Chapter 246

With the attack at the Grave Corporation successfully averted, Seo Joo -Heon requested more backup for her sister’s bodyguards. But his corporation was understaffed and lacked manpower. Seo Joo -Heon decided he should go himself and have a look at what kind of life her sister is currently living in the states. Seo Joo -Heon then revealed more information about his younger sister and where she is currently studying. 

We got to know this as he was thinking back about it, so it should only be someone he trusts if he would tell anyone about it. His parents passed away, and he was only left with his twin sister. She was adopted by a different family, leaving Seo Joo -Heon alone until a time he met Geon Woo Hyung. 

After working at TKBM, he was able to start the search for his young sister again. At that time, she had already caught the relic syndrome that led to her death. So, Seo Joo -Heon went back in the past to save his sister. 

He is currently working with Edward, who makes sure that all of her sister’s needs are met while she studies at Havard. But at the moment, she has no bodyguards as all of Seo Joo-Heon’s men are occupied. 

After being hesitant for a while, he decided to pay her a visit even though there is a chance this might expose her to more danger. If any of his enemies figure out the connection between them. They might target her, which would defeat the reason why Seo Joo-Heon went in the past to save her. 

In the end, he decided to visit her, but she seems to have no idea who he is since they got separated from each other at a young age. 

Tomb Raider King Chapter 247 Release Date

Tomb Raider King Chapter 247 will be released on 19 August 2021. New chapters are usually released within two days from the previous releases. So with the latest chapter released recently, it would be about two more days before we get the next chapter. 

It won’t be that long till we see how Seo Joo-Heon’s confrontation with his twin sister will develop. Hopefully, she will remember that she once had a brother from whom she got separated at a young age.

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