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Spoilers: Tomb Raider King Chapter 246

Tomb Raider King
Tomb Raider King

Nina has recovered, but it is not clear what has happened to her, and we will soon find out in Tomb Raider King chapter 246. She appeared to be brainwashed at the moment, and there is emerging evidence that suggested that she is not the only one that experienced this harsh treatment. 

A facility belonging to the king of healing, Benjani, was raided and found to have housed people whose memories have been manipulated as well. The current king of healing, Chloe, is also concerned about this as they seek a way to help out Nina and stop Benjani’s doings. 

Benjani is not working alone, and it is also found that the TKBM is also involved in these schemes. Together with the king of medicine, they operated through a slave system to make up for their lack of manpower. 

A different event that is unrelated to the kidnappings is happening within TKBM as well, and the organization has seen a sudden rise in the resignation of employees. Immediately after Nina was captured, the rumors about Jack the reaper also disappeared as well. 

Since Nina had her memories manipulated, she was no longer aware of what was happening and only operated as the TKBM’s killing machine. So there is a good chance that she could have been used as Jack the reaper without her knowledge. Nina’s brother could not believe this as he has been searching for her sister for a very long time.

But it is also revealed that TKBM had manipulated him into working with them when he was exhausted. They asked him to help out with work in the organization; in return, they would help her find her sister. But as it turned out, TKBM was only using him under the same pretext. 

Tomb Raider King Chapter 246

Tomb Raider King Chapter 246

Previously on Tomb Raider King Chapter 245

After they have found Nina, her brother tried to find out what has happened to her. After it was clear that some of her memories were manipulated, and she ended up being used as a killing machine. TKBM’s name came up again, and she was not the only victim.

Other children were involved as well, so the organization has to look deeper into this. Nina’s brother has asked for Edward’s help through this as they believe that TKBM can not pull such a huge stunt by itself. So they suspect that it could have been working with Pandora. 

Edward revealed that he wouldn’t be able to help as soon as they expected because she is under 24-hour surveillance from her employers due to his past actions. Back in Edward’s workplace, Prometheus has returned, which could spell more trouble for Edward, who wants to sneak around. 

Prometheus reveals that the tomb of greed has been settled already, and he has put the relic green into a state where she is very close to being destroyed. This means that she won’t be able to create the tomb. 

He plans on restoring her after Soo Joo Heon is captured. At the moment, he can’t get any of the seven great tomb relics due to Prometheus’ interventions. And now the next move will be to get back the secret relics from Soo Joo Heon.

Prometheus plans on going all out next and will do everything he can to get back the relics. Meanwhile, in Edward’s workplace, there is a terrorist attack going on at the moment. So he won’t be able to continue with his work for a while. 

The rebels who have attacked Edward’s work building are looking for the herb of eternal youth that is said to be on the farm inside the building, so Edwards has requested backup.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 246 Release Date

Tomb Raider King chapter 246 will be released on 12 August 2021. New chapters of the Manhua are release within three days from the latest released chapter. Sometimes the chapters are released after just a day or two when there are early releases. So if you really want to keep up with the new chapter releases, it would be safe to check updates at least after every two days.

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