Spoilers: Tomb Raider King Chapter 245

Tomb Raider King
Tomb Raider King

Seo and his team continue luring Nina, who is wielding Jack the Ripper’s Relic. The two made Jae the disguise again and went out. They use a Relic that attracts the enemy, and Nina appears behind them. They realize that they have to trap her since she is Julian’s sister. The chapter begins with Jullian, Jae in disguise, as Seo walking in the street in the middle of the night. Lee and Seo are on the rooftop giving the two orders. They remind them that Nina is behind them. Let’s discovered how Soe and the crew would arrest Nina and restrain Jack the Ripper’s Relic in Tomb Raider King updates.

Nina surprised them when she keeps on changing her positions, and they notice that she seem different from the last time she attacked them. Seo realizes the last time Nina attacked; they were able to sense her and track her down. But Nina keeps the same distance while following them and wonders what she is up to this time. Seo realizes that Nina might suspect it is a trap since she killed him twice, and he appears as nothing has happened.

A hooded lady they think is Nina realizes that it is strange for Seo to keep showing up. Julian realizes that if they don’t act fast, they will lose Nina since he might retreat. But he believes that she will fall into this trap one last time. Jae in Seo’s form wonders what will happen if there fail to capture her. Julian confirms that they are catching Nina without a failure. Jae comments that he doesn’t want Jack the Ripper to cut him again.

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Tomb Raider King Chapter 244 Highlights

Nina draws out Jack the Ripper that is flowing with massive mana, and dashes towards the two. The two realize that she is attacking and then must not get injured. Julian uses his spell to electrify her. Nina falls into their trap and gets inside a magic spell. Julian is trying to hold her inside for her not to escape. Nina falls unconscious, and Jae is glad that they succeed without him getting behead and the two heads towards her.

Nina surprised them when she opens her eye, and Jae realizes that they are in danger. Jae thought that Nina had faint, and Nina stood up. Lee told Seo that they have to do something or they will lose her. Seo realizes that the plans had changed, and Ilya decides to call enforcement to block the area and surround Nina to the extent that she won’t escape. Soe reminds Ilya to keep an eye on the site around him.

Tomb Raider King
Tomb Raider King

Strengthening Relic

Soe wielded his blade and said he is joining the battle. Lee reminds him to be careful, and he uses his knife to slide down the building. Seo told Lee not to worry about her area, and it is not over yet. On the ground, Nina created an explosion and tried to run away. Julian attacks her with barrages of strikes, and Jae reminds him that they will lose her if they keep a distance. Seo decided to help and realizes that Julian is panicking since the two are siblings.

He chased her and told Jae that he would fix things even though their plans got screwed up. Soe notices that Nina’s speed is dropping after she got electrified. The two met midway and clashed their swords. Nina is surprised that Seo blocked Jack the Ripper with his dagger. Seo told her that he is not defending and will attack too, even though she is a lady. But he messed up and almost got stabbed and uses Jae as a shield. Jae got pierced again, and Seo told Julian that he couldn’t dodge her attack.

Julina notices that she is escaping and uses a veil to capture her. Seo managed to take Jack the Ripper Relic. Julian realizes that Nina was using a Strengthening Relic since she was able to survive his thunder striking. Jae has revived after suffering a fatal injury. Ilya told others to gather since they have their target. They both teleport to their home and tie Nina for interrogation. The next day they find that Nina’s memory got manipulated, and they are glad they saved her before she got messed up. They decided to help her to recover.

Tomb Raider King Chapter 245 Release Date

Tomb Raider King Chapter 245 release date is 8 August 2021. This manga releases three chapters per week; make sure not to miss a single chapter. Tomb Raider King manga has not confirmed official sites to read the latest chapters. But every week, we will update new chapters of Tomb Raider King.

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