Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 7 is just around the corner now, and it seems the next episode will be really interesting. Last week, we got to see the Auction House arc come to a conclusion. The arc ended with the elimination of Big Madam, who was killed by Juzo Squad in the end. Nutcracker also lost her life in the arc, and it was Shirazu who dealt the killing blow to her. We also got to see an intense fight between Haise Sasaki and Takizawa.

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Sasaki was being dominated in the entire fight. However, he finally ‘slept’ and allowed Kaneki to do what he does best, and that’s where he started to gain an advantage. While the Tokyo Ghoul re anime hasn’t been the best, the last episode was without a doubt, one of the best the series has produced. The little touch of ‘Unravel’ was also incredible.

Coming on to the spoilers for Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 7, we have a lot of guys going to get promoted. According to multiple spoiler sources, Sasaki will now be promoted to an associate special class investigator. Suzuya Juzo will now be a Special Class investigator, and that’s a huge boost in their ranks. We will see others get promoted as well, and Sasaki may even receive a medal for his actions at the Auction House. The episode will also see the capture of Hinami, in my opinion. Hinami was right there, and since the CCG has surrounded the place, I don’t think she can escape anymore. If she is captured, she’ll be sent to Chochlea. It’ll be interesting to see if Haise defends her, or not.

Tokyo Ghoul re Ep 7

What’s more, the next arc, called the Rose Extermination arc will finally begin in the next few episodes. It is going to be the most interesting arc in the season so far, and since the show is getting better by each passing episode, I expect the next episode to be epic as well. The Rose Extermination arc will feature Shuu Tsukiyama and his family heavily, and we will also see the return of Kaneki Ken in this arc. I hope I was able to peak your excitement slightly for what’s to come. Let’s hope Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 7 doesn’t disappoint.

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You cannot download Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 7 anywhere online but you can watch it with English subtitles on FUNimation.


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