In this post, we will discuss Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 172. The manga’s current arc seems to be very close to its end right now. The last chapter was extremely well done, and we saw an end to the two of the biggest fights in the entire series so far. We saw Renji Yomo vs Uta conclude in Tokyo Ghoul re 170. However, we didn’t really know whether that was it, or if the fight would go on. With chapter 171, it was revealed that the fight really did end, and Yomo was the victor after all. Uta explained why he was so obsessed with Yomo, and Yomo showed him why he should still have faith, even if the world is twisted. Their friendship took a really interesting turn, and that part was absolutely amazing in my opinion.

Tokyo Ghoul re 172

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 172

What followed after that was the fight between Donato Porpora and Amon Kotarou. In the last few chapters, we saw Amon being dominated by Donato. However, it was Amon who took the victory in the end here. I believed that Takizawa would step in, and help him in this fight. But I was wrong. Amon did everything by himself, and he did so by fighting his inner demons. In the end, after all the years, he realized that deep down in his heart he still loved Donato Porpora because the guy was his father. With that in his mind, Amon dealt a killer blow to Donato Porpora. Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 172 will be very interesting.

Tg re Chapter 172

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 172

We’ll get to see what happens between Donato Porpora and Amon now. I don’t think Donato will die here, but maybe I’m wrong. What’s even more important is the act that CCG can now successfully take down the Owl which should be severely weakened now. Next, we’ll be focusing on Kaneki’s team. Last we saw him, he met Furuta, so we will see what’s going on between the two of them in the upcoming few chapters. I’m really excited for Tokyo Ghoul re’s next chapter, and I hope you guys are too. These are the things that I expect to happen in the next chapter, but I could be wrong.

You cannot download Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 172 but you can read it online on Viz for free.


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