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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date: When Will the Second Season Return?

Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Release Date
Tokyo Revengers

Released in the spring of 2021, Tokyo Revengers is an action anime that mixes itself with the magic of time travel. If you think time travel is a cliched idea, wait until the anime surprises you with its oh-so-amazing plot twists and excellent characters. Most people who watched the anime came back with a positive review for the show praising its character development and the fantastic animation in the fight scenes. Tokyo Revengers is closing its end, and people dread to say goodbye to the series, already craving a Tokyo Revengers Season 2. A lot has happened in the past 23 episodes. The series has made us cry, laugh, and feel different kinds of warm love. Adding on to the bliss is the excitement of thrill and suspense all along with bloody combats- who does not like a good fight, after all?

Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers grows darker with every arc after arc. As the story progresses, we come face to face with several backstories, each of which has had different impacts on us. The anime had a remarkable influence on Shonen fans worldwide as it stood with an 8.3 rating on MAL even before it had concluded. After the success of the first season, the discussion surrounding Tokyo Revengers season 2 is already exciting. Want more action with a good mystery featuring a bunch of very lovable characters? The Tokyo Revengers fandom gladly says, ‘Yes, please’! Before we begin with the available information from the second season of Tokyo Revengers, here’s a quick breakdown of the first one:

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Tokyo Revenger Season 1: Breakdown

Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers was no less than a complete roller coaster ride. Liden Films animated the series. It is a relatively new studio that also produced series like Yamada Kun and the Seven Witched and Woodpecker Detective’s Office. When it comes to the animation of Tokyo Revengers, Liden Films has done a pretty impressive job. A lot of fight scenes were satisfactory. However, if I had to point out, the only bothersome part of the entire anime was its bright tone which I felt could be darker to fit the anime’s theme.

Despite this, any manga reader would argue that Liden Films has animated the manga quite well and executed the story with precision. The first season concluded with the first three arcs from the manga. Within the 24 episodes, we saw Hanagaki grow from a scared little middle schooler to someone more responsible and brave enough to do whatever it takes to save Hinata. He takes control over his life and protects his friends from the dark future that resides ahead of them.

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Tokyo Revengers Season 1.

Koichi Hatsumi (Ao No Exorcist, Dororo) directed the anime’s first season as Hiroaki Tsutsumi (Orange, Dr. Stone) composed its music. Keiko Ōta drafted the character designs. A chibi version based on the anime was released in April 2021. It featured cute versions of the characters in their daily lives. Now that season 1 has almost ended, fans are waiting for an announcement from Liden Films about Tokyo Revengers season 2.

Season 1 Plot :

Initially, Hanagaki is seen in his apartment, a loner who has no friends and has spent his life running from his bullies and then from his responsibilities. When he is pushed in front of a train, he leaps back into time. He travels 12 years into the past, meets his middle school friends and his ex-girlfriend Hinata, who has died in the future. Hanagaki also meets with Naoto and asks the kid to save him in the future. But when Naoto actually saves him 12 years later, they realize that they must alter the past to save Hinata from dying. The two work together and decide to change certain events that led to Hinata’s accident. This leads them to the Tokyo Manji Gang. Determined to save Hinata, Hanagaki leaps back into time and decides to get closer to the two leaders of Toman, Draken, and Mikey.

Mikey takes a liking towards Hanagaki’s strong willpower and immediately gets close to him. As Hanagaki starts knowing him, he realizes that Mikey is far from being a bad person as they had previously perceived. So what changed Mikey? Hanagaki sets out to find an answer to this question.

mikey - Tokyo Revengers Second Season

Sano Manjiro/Mikey: Tokyo Revengers.

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Season 1: Ending

The 2nd Cour of the first season featured the Valhalla Arc, also known as the Bloody Halloween Arc. This arc was one of the most anticipated initial arcs. The second cour of the anime entirely devoted itself to this arc. Having finally found that Tetta Kisaki is the key that led to the dark future, Hanagaki decides to do everything in his power to keep Kisaki away from Touman and Mikey. He also comes across all the founding members of Touman. Despite his attempts, Kisaki joins the gang; however, Hanagaki is not the only one suspicious of him. Baji leaves Mikey to investigate Kisaki and joins Valhalla.

On the other hand, Kisaki plans on winning over Mikey and making him the leader of Valhalla as he leads the two groups to war. A deadly war awaits on 31 October 2005, which later came to be known as the Bloody Halloween.

On the day of the Bloody Halloween, Kazutora stabs Baji, thereby killing him. While being unable to save Baji, Takemichi is still able to alter the future by stopping Mikey from killing Kazutora. Baji entrusts Hanagaki to protect Mikey and Touman from Kisaki before he takes his last breaths. Now a formal member of Touman, Takemichi attends his first meeting. What stands ahead might just be his chance to save Hinata and his friends from their dark future.

Keisuke Baji - Tokyo Revengers

Keisuke Baji: Tokyo Revengers.

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Expectation

An anime’s renewal depends solely on its popularity. As for Tokyo Revengers, the manga, as well as the anime, received several positive remarks from its audience. The anime even dominated Jujutsu Kaisen in terms of popularity. It would make no sense for the anime to not return for another season. Tokyo Revengers season 2 has not been announced yet. However, there have been rumours that the second season is currently under process. The manga has a lot of material that is more than sufficient for a second season. We can expect an announcement about the second season of Tokyo Revengers once the final episode is aired. The Tokyo Revenger season 2 could be scheduled to release by the end of 2022.

Considering that a number of people liked the animation of the first season, there is a high possibility that Liden Films will continue to work on the second season. The music and the precise direction was also widely appreciated among fans. There are some interesting characters who will make an appearance in future arcs. It is pretty intriguing to wonder who the additional cast members will be in the upcoming season. So far, the anime cast several leading voice actors like Hayashi Yuu (Mikey) and Tatsuhisa Suzuki (Draken). It is highly unlikely that they would be replaced.

tokyo revengers season 2

Tokyo Revengers.

While you wait for an official announcement about Tokyo Revengers season 2, you can always catch up with the manga to know what happens next.

The first season of Tokyo Revengers is available on Crunchyroll. You can stream all the episodes on the same platform. As for the second season, all the episodes of Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will be available on Crunchyroll as well.

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Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Spoilers and Leaks

Season 1 of Tokyo Revengers will conclude with Takemichi taking over Baji’s place in Touman. Meaning, he is now the captain of the first division. He stands alongside Chifuyu. Following up with the series, Tokyo Revenger’s season 2 will begin with the Black Dragons Arc. This is yet another important arc from the manga and it sheds light on the fourth founding member of Touman: Takashi Mitsuya and his loyal follower, Hakkai. Even if Takemichi does become the captain of the first division in the first season, Kisaki remains a member of Touman too. For several reasons, removing him from the gang is a difficult task for Takemichi. Not only is Kisaki is very manipulative, but he also offers several advantages to Mikey that Takemichi does not know how to counter.

Takemichi tries revisiting the future only to be disappointed after he succeeds at Bloody Halloween. The fate of his friends and that of Hinata has not changed. He learns that his next big mission requires him to stop the Black Dragons from taking over Touman. The key to changing this future is Hakai Shiba, whose abusive older brother was the leader of the Black Dragons in the past.

Tokyo revengers season 2

Tokyo Revengers.

A lot of exciting plot twists await in the upcoming season. Manga readers are very excited to see the Black Dragon Arc as well as the Tenjiku arc getting animated. New characters like Yuzuha are already very popular among those who have read the source. The upcoming arcs come with a lot of action, a warm touch of slice-of-life, and tragedies that will make the fandom weep. If you are not yet, it’s time to get hyped up for what the series holds ahead!

Where to start Tokyo Revengers manga after the first season?

If you can’t resist the suspense, we recommend you read the manga while you wait for the 2nd season of Tokyo Revengers to drop. The first season ends after finishing the Valhalla arc that means Tokyo Revengers Season 2 will follow the story from Chapter 78 of the manga.

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