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Tokyo Revengers New Promo Video Hints at Bloody Halloween Arc

tokyo revengers new promo
Tokyo Revengers

A lot of hype has surrounded the recent Tokyo Revengers anime that came out in the spring of 2021. The anime will end its first cour after 12 episodes, but the creators have already fired us up for the next cour with the Tokyo Revengers new promo. This action series loaded with occasional gags has had its fans hooked to the series. It is based on the manga by Ken Wakui, which stood among the top 5 most sold manga in the first half of 2021. Tokyo Revengers makes its breakthrough with an interesting plot and very likable characters. Even its antagonists have a certain charm, which leads us to hate them but also makes us love the story all the more because of them. If you haven’t yet, make sure to check out the Tokyo Revengers anime streaming on Muse Communication and Crunchyroll.

Tokyo Revengers has some of the juiciest plot twists one could come across. The plotline, in general, might come off as cliche, but it ends up catching the viewers off guard with its unpredictability multiple times I love how Ken Wakui easily mixes elements of supernatural to weave a story of strong bonds, both romantic and brotherly. Given its amazing concept and superb execution, the positive feedbacks it has attained is justified. It received an 8.19 rating on MAL. The end of the first cour might be a bit sad, but the Tokyo Revengers new promo makes up for the upsetting news. Here are all the details about the new promo of Tokyo Revengers and all there is to expect from the second cour of the anime.

About Tokyo Revengers

Hanagaki Takemichi is an unemployed 26-year-old. He has lived a life of complete waste. While watching the news, he finds out that a girl he dated when he was in middle school has been killed in an accident. However, when he dies in front of a train, he somehow travels back twelve years into the past. He meets his then-girlfriend Hinata Tachibana and remembers the bond between them that he had forgotten in the future. Then he meets her brother Naoto Tachibana and instructs him to protect his sister in the future. Miraculously he returns to the future, and this time he is alive, resulting from a change of future due to a change in the past.

Naoto had saved him. Understanding his power to time leap, Takemichi must save Hinata from dying by changing a chain of events. For this, he needs to get involved with the Tokyo Manji Gang and eliminate any obstacle that leads to the death of Hinata in the future.

tokyo revenger new key visual

The Third Key Visual: Tokyo Revengers.

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Tokyo Revengers New Promo

The first cour of Tokyo Revengers will came to an end with the twelfth episode. On 19 June, the creators released a new promo of the Tokyo Revengers anime for the second cour. The promo promotes the next arc that the anime will be featuring, the Bloody Halloween Arc. The arc is alternatively also called the ‘Valhalla Arc’ that is the longest arc of the manga so far. Without spoiling anything, all we can say is that the Valhalla arc is going to be filled with a bloodbath.

The Valhalla Arc is also called the Bloody Halloween arc due to the most gruesome war in the arc that takes place on Halloween. The promo features many details promoting the beginning of this arc. While the arc was already much awaited ever since the release of the anime, the promo hypes us up more. In the promo, we can see all the founding member of the Toman Gang; Mikey (CV: Yuu Hayashi), Drakken (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki), Pah-chin (CV: Subaru Kimura), Takashi Mitsuya (CV: Yoshitsugu Matsuoka), Baji (CV: Masaki Mizunaka), and Kazutora Hanemiya (CV: Shunichi Toki).

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About the Bloody Halloween Arc

This is the third arc of the series following the Moebius Arc. The most significant part of the arc is the involvement of the Valhalla gang, a gang whose actual leader is a mystery. Other than that, we will also learn more about the different founders of the Toman Gang and where they have all been. It is going to be yet another interesting arc filled with action but also with a lot of jaw-dropping interesting plots.

The arc is to premiere on July 3rd with the 13th episode of the anime. Tokyo Revengers will also have a change in the ending theme. The new ending theme is titled ‘Tokyo Wonder’, performed by Nakimushi. You can find more information on the anime on its official website.

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