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Tokyo Revengers Episode 21: Release Date & Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 will release soon. The final stage of the anime will conclude with a few episodes left. The war between Tokyo Manji vs. Vahalla is about to end since Mikey got his groves and begins to dominate the enemies. The other gangs who came to oversee the fight believe that Mikey got defeated and Kazutora will reign. But the tide changes when Mikey beats the trio with his signature kick. Kazutora thought that a guy who kills the enemy becomes a Hero. Mikey realizes that Kazutora killed his brother, recognizing him as an enemy trying to become a Hero.

The trio got knocked out, and Mike kneels; Takemichi wonders what Mikey will do next. The battle stopped as both sides look at Mike, who smashed the trio, and they are on top of a pile of damaged cars. The Valhalla comments that Mikey knelt and he is tired; one of them suggests finishing Mikey. Hanma comments that Kazutora did well, and the Valhalla gang thinks that they have a chance to kill Mikey. One of the Valhalla captains arrives and calls a troop to follow him to kill Mikey.

Takemichi heard that and realizes that the captain is still fresh since he was hiding waiting for this moment. He realizes that he has seen that captain before, but he can’t recognize him since he is faced masked. The Valhalla gang makes their way to Mikey at the top, and Takemichi wonders if someone can help Mikey. Draken decided to finish Hanma and wonders if he is a zombie since showering him with blows and not collapsing. Takemichi chose to take on that Valhalla captain since the likes of Draken are busy. The episode title is ”Dead or Alive.”

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Episode 20

On his way, Takemichi is hit with a powerful jab that slows him down, and one of the guys holds him into a neck choke. Chifuyu notices that his ”Takemicchy” is in danger, but he almost got caught up in a brawl. Takemichi breaks free, but the guys keep on pulverizing him as they head to destroy Mikey. The whole Valhalla gan surrounded that pile of cars, watching Mike at the top, and Takemichi bites one of the guys as he tries to save Mike. The captain arrives, and he was about to kill Mikey, but Kisaki Tetta steals the spotlight.

Tokyo Revengers

Mikey sits down due to blood loss.

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The Head of Toman

Kisaki Tetta KO’D that captain leaving Takemichi surprised to where was Kisaki all the time. He looks at everyone and comments that Tokyo Manji Gang 3rd Division Captain Kisaki Tetta has arrived. Kisaki announces that the 3rd Division is taking charge of protecting Commander Mikey. Meaning 2nd Divison has failed, and Takemichi realizes that Kisaki came at the right moment and steals the show. The 3rd Division begins to punish the Valhalla gangs that are after Mikey. Takemichi admits that the masked guy was with Kisaki Tetta and wonders if this is a scheme.

In the past, Takemichi passed near Kisaki with the masked guy, and they were best friends. Takemichi wonders what is happening, and Mitsuya thinks Kisaki did an excellent job. Takemichi believes that Kisaki doesn’t care whether they win the fight or not. The Tokyo Manji Gang members praised Kisaki and said he is the newbie pulling his weight. Takemichi realizes that if they lose, Valhalla will absorb ”Toman” and wonders if Kisaki wants to take over. Takemichi realizes that everyone has begun to side with Kisaki without realizing it.

Even Draken fall for the trap, and Takemichi realizes that Kisaki has won his way. But Baji arrives and blasts Kisaki, and his glass got broken. Kazutora wakes up and betrays Kazutora by stabbing him but Takemichi drops Kazutora down. Baji thanks Takemichi and said it is just a scratch. Takemichi decided to crush Kisaki and become the head of Toman. Baji beat fifty men and points a blade at Kisaki’s neck, but Baji begins to bleed and kneel.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers-Episode 21 will be released on 29 August 2021, at 2:08 AM. Don’t miss the three remaining episodes of this anime every Sunday. You can get the episode around Saturday in the evening if you are not in Japan. This season of Tokyo Revengers concludes with three episodes left. Let’s look at the Tokyo Revengers latest preview below.

Where To Watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 21?

You can watch Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 online on Crunchyroll, Muse Asia, and ANIPLUS. Tokyo Revengers episodes air with English subtitles officially online on the official platform. This anime has its official web page and Twitter account, the news gets updated daily.

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