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Preview & Recap: Tokyo Revengers Episode 16

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

Today we’ll be talking about Tokyo Revengers Episode 16. Kisaki Tetta recently became the new 3rd Division Captain. Takemichi and the other gang members didn’t like that and mock Kisaki. Dranken told the boys to step up if they have the guts to go against Mikey’s decision. Takemichi realizes that Kisaki is his arch-nemesis and decided to smash him. After pulverizing Kisaki, the former 1st Division Captain Keisuke Baji intervenes and beats Takemichi. Baji announces that he is leaving and he is joining the enemy’s side. Let’s find how Takemichi will solve Kisaki’s problem in that latest episode of Tokyo Revengers. Kisaki gets his payback by punching Takemichi and puts him to sleep.

Later Mikey and Takemichi had a heart-to-heart, and Mikey said it is hard to lead the gang’s falling apart. Meanwhile, Baije met with a guy with a tattoo on his neck Kaztora. Takemichi told Mikey to kick Kisaki out of the crew, and Mikey agrees. Mikey reveals that they will fight against the Vallhalla soon, and they must bring Baiji back before the next battle. Takemichi has to prove that he is more valuable than Kisaki and dethrone Kisaki. The next day the students head to school, and Takemichi sits alone, thinking how he will bring Baji back.

Takemichi realizes that Mikey told him that if he fails, he will face death. His boys arrived and said that they heard that Takemichi is part of Toman. Akkun, aka Sendou, confronts Takemichni, who realizes that Akkun runs over Hinata with the car in the future. Takemichi realizes that he also has to keep an eye on Akkun. Akkun asks Takemichi why he looks so down. Takemichi replies that he ended up a member of Toman somehow. The boys wonder what Takemichi did to impress Mikey and Draken.

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Previously on Tokyo Revengers Episode 15

The episode title is ” No Pain, No Gain.” The boys are surprised that their Crybaby Takemichi is in Toman. Takemichi can’t even look at Akkun since he knows about the future. The boys said they want to join Toma and Takemichi said it is not great as it sounds. Akkun listened to Takemichi’s story of bringing former 1st Division Captain, Baiji. Takemichi told the boys that he has time until the showdown with Valhalla starts.

Makoto asks Takemichi, who knows that he will bring Baiji. Kazushi comments that it is RIP to Takemichi, and they will pick up his remains for him. Takemichi said he has no idea what is happening in Toman, and he knows nothing about Valhalla. Kazushi stepped up to give explanations and said Tokyo Manji Gan, Toman for short. The commander is Mikey, and the vice commander is Draken.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

The Rise of Tokyo Manji Gang: The Headless Angel

Under those two, there are five divisions with about 20 members in each, making them a significant biker gang with approximately 100 members. Takemichi realizes that he knows nothing about that, and Kazushi can’t believe that Takemichi can call himself a delinquent if he doesn’t know anything. The former 3rd Division Captain Pah-chin-kun got arrested, and his vice-captain Peh-yan-kun joined the snd Division. Takemichi is surprised that Peh-yan-kun is under Mitsuya now and realizes they are in the same Division, and it is hard to handle Peh.

Kisaki was a former leader of Moebius who joined the Tokyo Manji Gang and became the captain of the 3rd Division. Moebius is the crew born in 1988 led by Osanai, and the current team was born in 1990 led by Kisaki. After Osanai lost to Mikey, Moebius disbanded. Tokyo Manji Gang, aka Toman, grew from 100 to 150 instantly after Kisaki joined them. Takemichi realizes that Mikey told him that Tokyo Manji Gang would need Kisaki’s strength in the future. The other members who left Moebius join Hanma Shuji, aka Punishment.

Takemichi reveals that Hanma said he was the temporary commander of Moebius at the battle of 8/3. Kazushi replies that Hanma gathered those remaining members of Moebius and anti-Toman forces to create Valhalla. Valhalla is sitting at about 300 members. Hanma is the acting commander, and no one knows the actual commander, and that is why they call Valhall ”The Headless Angel.” Hanemiya Kazutora arrives looking for Takemichi. and Kazushi said he is Valhalla no 3. Kazutora head out with Takemichi. So when will we see Tokyo Revengers Episode 16?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 16 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 16 release date is 24 July 2021. You can watch Tokyo Revengers online on Crunchyroll, ANIPLUS, and VRV; you can also look at Preview & Recap: Tokyo Revengers Episode 15.

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