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Spoilers & Preview: Tokyo Revengers Episode 11

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers follows the story of a young boy who decided to travel in the past after losing his girlfriend and precious gang member. Takemichi Hanagaki traveled back in the past 12 years ago and decided to change history. But, unfortunately, Hinata Tachibana got killed by one member Tokyo Manji Gang. Takemichi realizes that the death of Hina affected him, and he begins to live the life of a loser. Let’s find what awaits Takemichi in his visit to the past. Tokyo Revengers updates continue below.

Takemichi finds the truth after traveling in the past that Kiyomasa wants to kill Draken. Takemichi thought he had prevented death, but Draken got involved in a brawl with the Biker’s Gang near the parking lot. Peh confronted Draken and started to exchange blows. Takemichi arrived and told Dranken to stop the fight during the battle, but Dranken has singlehandedly wipe out half of the Biker’s gang. Draken told Takashi that he could wipe the rest gang.

Peh realizes that Takashi is strong. Takashi begins to smash the Bikers’s and Takemichi realizes that these guys are working with Moebius’s Gang. Later after an intense battle, the Tokyo Manji Gang arrives, led by Mikey, also known as Sano. The war turns to Tokyo Manji Gang’s side. But Takemichi realizes that he can’t see Kiyomasu. Kiyomasu passes near Takemichi after getting his job done. Takemichi notices Dranken swimming in a pool of blood. Kiyomasu smiles with blood flowing on his dagger. Let’s find out if Draken got executed below.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Episode 10

The episode title is ”Rerise.” Takemichi went near Draken and tried to wake Draken up. Mikey heard Takemichi calling out Draken’s name and wonders what is happening. Emma got shocked, seeing that Draken is not moving. Meanwhile, Hinata is on her way following Takemichi and heard that someone is behind her. Hinata hides deep inside the forest, waiting for the guy chasing her to pass. Back at the parking lot Takemichi notice that Draken’s eyes have turned white and wonder if Draken is dead.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Druken’s Resolve

Mikey kills the Biker’s Gang one after another, and he is not aware that Draken got stabbed. Mikey shouts at Takemichi, asking him what is happening. Takemichi replies that Draken got stabbed. Hanma pulls Mikey and sends him flying. But Mikey has lost interest in fighting after hearing news about Draken. Hanma, AKA Punishment, laughs at Mikey that they have sent one of Tokyo Manji Gangs to heaven. Mikey and Hanman exchanged fists, but Hanma shows Mikey why they call him Punishment.

Takemichi concludes that it is all over, and Druken is dead. Mikey shouts at Takemichi as a signal to show him that Draken is still alive. Draken spits blood, and Takemichi comments that Draken is alive. Mikey decided to up his sleeves since his guy is active. Takemichi decided to take care of Draken. Mikey landed a spinning back heel kick that landed on Hanma’s face. Peh exchange punches with one of touch Biker’s Gang.

Takemichi realizes that he has to save Draken and carry Draken all the way to get treatment. On his way to the hospital, Takemichi told Draken not to die on him. Fortunately, Emma and Hinata arrive. Hinata reveals that she has called an ambulance and wonders if Draken is okay. Takemichi told the girls not to worry Draken is alive. The trio waited for the ambulance to arrive. Takemichi is concerned that the ambulance is taking too long and Draken is losing blood.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Mizo Mid’s Ferocious Five

Suddenly the trio heard footsteps, and it is Kiyomasu with his gang coming to finish off Draken. Takemichi can’t believe that this is over for them. One of the gang comments that Draken is not dead. The second punk asks, ”what the hell is Trashymichi doing here.”Kiyomasu gets furious, asking why the trio is helping Draken. Draken rise and thanks Takemichi for helping him and told the three to run, and he will take care of these punks.

Takemichi wonders if he tried to run, and that’s why Draken is telling him to flee. Draken told Takemichi to escape in time, and Takemichi realizes that he has lost everything after running away. Hina wonders what is happening to Takemichi, who told her to step back. Takemichi apologizes as a symbol that he is taking the war to Kiyomasu. Kiyomasu wonders if Takemichi wants to die by trying to brawl with him. The punks comment that ”You sure you don’t need to run away, Trashymichi.”

The whole gang laughs at Takemichi that he is Trashymichi. Takemichi replies that he will not run away and he will get revenge for his life. Kiyomasu notices that Takemichi has rolled his fist, and he is ready to die. Takemichi issue a one-on-one challenge at the fight club. Draken comments that he is betting some million yen on ”Takemichy.” But he got his hand stabbed, and the Mizo Mid’s Ferocious Five arrive to help Takemichi.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 11 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 11 release date is 20 June 2021, at 2:08 JST. You can watch Tokyo Revengers online on Crunchyroll.

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