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Spoilers & Preview: Tokyo Revengers Episode 10

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

The day of the festival has arrived, Takemich thinks that the gang war has stopped. Takemichi is confident that Draken and Sano won’t fight, and they have patched up. On 3 August 2005, Takemichi enjoy celebrating the festival with his girlfriend and the rest of the Manji Gang members. Takemichi finds that Kiyomasa, who is known as Red and serves under Manji Gang during the festival. Takemichi is surprised why Kiyomasa wants to kill Dranken, who is the righthand man of Sano.

Kiyomasa wants to make Draken pay for pulverizing him in front of Takemichi when Takemich arrives at school. So Kiyomas pretends to befriend Draken aiming to kill him. However, after the festival has ended, Takemichi finds himself tied to the ground, and Hinata arrives and unties Takemichi, who decided to complete his mission. Meanwhile, Draken heard someone calling out his name, and when he looks back, he finds that it is Peh.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Episode 9

Kiyomasa received a min blade and told his men that Draken is responsible for his state. He comments that he has lost everything because of Dranken, and the guy must die. Takemichi apologizes that he left Hina alone and worries that he might fail to save everyone. Before Hina unties Takemichi, he comments that he is a loser and a loser like him can’t save anyone. Hina kisses Takemichi and boosts his confidence to keep his friends alive. Hina told Takemichi that it is her first kiss on the day of the festival.

Takemichi asks Hina why she cares about an idiot like him. Hina replies that Takemichi is exceptional, and she doesn’t care whether he is Draken or Mikey. She told him to be the Takemichi she knows who breaks down crying for others. Hina opens up about Takemichi’s character and how she loves him, whether Takemichi is weak or strong. Hina shed tears while saying that there is no one cooler than Takemichi. Takemichi also cried and realizes that Hina cares a lot about him. He stood up and thanks Hina for helping him in the last minutes.

Hina told Takemichi that he would succeed in what he wants to do. So Takemichi heads to stop Kiyomasa and comments that he will get rid of the trauma in his life once and for all after everything settles. Later Takemichi arrives at the road and saw Takashi Mitsuya. He told Takashi that there is trouble and Draken might be attacked at any moment. So Takashi switches off the lights of his bike and replies that he knows even the guy who will stab Draken.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Biker’s Gang vs. The Manji Gang

In the present, Draken is walking with Hinata’s friend talking about Hinata. Draken told Hinata’s friend that Hina might be home now as they speak. Then, he looks back and finds that the guy that calls out his name is Peh. Meanwhile, in the forest, Takemichi and Takashi talk about Peh. Takashi reveals that Peh got convinced that Toman abandoned Pah-chin. Takemichi shows that it is not true since, during the battle, he witnessed everything.

Takashi comments that Peh is working with the remaining members of the Moebius Gang and plans to take Dranken out. Takemichi realizes that Peh is the second guy after Draken’s life. At the bridge, Hinata’s friend notices that Peh seems to be serious. Draken closes his umbrella and told Emma to hold it for him. He walks towards Peh while saying that Peh is not happy with the situation. Draken asks Peh if he is her to exchanged fists with him.

Unfortunately, Draken got attacked from behind. Takemichi arrives at the scene and finds the biker’s gang swimming in the pool of blood. Takemichi told Takashi that the bikers gang are working with Moebius. Then, the two looks at the other side and saw Draken fight with the biker’s team at the parking lot. Finally, Mikey arrives with the members of the Manji Gang. The bikers’ gang got defeated a receiving a brutal beating. But Kiyomasa managed to stab Draken, and Takemichi saw Kiyomas and realizes that he failed.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 10 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 10 release date is 13 June 2021, at 2:08 JST. You can watch Tokyo Revengers online on Crunchyroll.

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