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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 reveals Senju vs. South and Mikey vs. Kakuchou as the battle between the Three Deities continues. The head of BRAHMAN Senju has decided to join the battle after noticing that the Legendary Dynamic Duo is getting punished. Takemichi had fear for Senju and thought that she could let Waka and Benkei take care of South. Senju refuses since she wants to punish South single-handedly. Tokyo Revengers has been revealing this brawl ever since Mikey arrived at the Amusement Park. From the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers, the BRAHMAN and Rokuhara’s men are on the ground as South vs. Senju begins.

On the other side, Kokuchou has beaten all the men in front of him and appears in front of Mikey. He told Mikey that he was here and it was not fair that Mikey was watching without fighting. Kokuchou reminds Mikey that he is not the Mikey who he knows since he can’t just sit and watch as this brawl is related to Draken’s death. Mikey replies that he has no problem watching, but it doesn’t matter since Kokuchou is facing him. Kokuchou reveals that he has been waiting for the day he has to fight Mikey.

Mikey vs. Kokuchou is about to begin as the two face off. Meanwhile, Senju confronts South, who is topless, showing his muscles. Takeomi is worried about their boss and tells Senju to step back since it is too early to enter the battle. He adds that he, Waka, and Benkei can handle South, and there is no need for her to dirty her hands with blood. Senju replies that she was not ready for this fight since it happened before its actual date. Senju realizes that if she doesn’t smash South, BRAHMAN will be finished.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 229

She jumps up and uses feint while landing a flying kick, but it misses the target. South also tried to knock Senju out, but he also missed the target. Senju lands on the ground behind South, and South turns around to face her. Takeomi believes that Senju is underestimating Waka and Benkei, and she can’t win against South. He believes that the Dynamic Duo is the pillar for BRAHMAN. Takemichi wonders why Takeomi is not confident with Senju’s skills. Takeomi reveals why Senju got herself in the Three Deities and that it was possible because of First Gen Black Dragon’s support.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230

Tokyo Revengers

Senju cannot fight alone, and she must get support from Waka and Benkei. Takemichi realizes that this might turn bad for Senju. Takeomi apologizes that he got carried away and started the battle, but Senju can withdraw for now. South told Senju not to try the same trick, but she could escape in time. He tried to land a massive punch. Senju realizes that she has been hiding her true strength, and Takeomi is not aware of that. Takeomi believes that Senju is not above Benkei and Waka when it comes to strength.

South misses his signature move, and Senju spears him while landing massive barrages that shocked the gang members. Senju took the battle in midair and held South’s hand while kicking his face with multiple kicks. Takeomi is surprised that South has become Senju’s punching bag. The Rokuhara guys on the ground woke up quickly, witnessing that their boss was getting some beatings. Takemichi is also surprised since he was about to believe what Takeomi told him about Senju. South tried to fight back, but he is fighting like a guy covered with a sack on his face, and he can’t see what he is hitting since he is missing at close range.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 will be released on 10 November 2021. Takeomi realizes that Senju is on another level. Senju realizes that she did the right thing by hiding her abilities since it would have led Takeomi on the wrong path knowing that Senju will handle everything. Senju KO’D South and reveals that the BRAHMAN’s Boss is her. Senju’s true strength has been revealed the brawl continues in the next chapter. Let’s look at Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 official details.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230

Tokyo Revengers

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Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 online on other platforms. Tokyo Revengers is yet to announce where to access the official chapters online. But the latest spoilers of Tokyo Revengers were released during the week. The manga fans can rely on various websites to access the latest chapter. Let’s meet when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 230 is released.

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