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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226: Release Date & Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers Manga
Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 reveals Mikey’s arrival after Draken’s death. Rokuhara and BRAHMAN wanted to clash, but when they saw Mikey, they stopped. The chapter title is Free-For-All. Tokyo Revengers has been on this ever since it was discovered that Draken got shot while protecting Takemichi. From the latest Tokyo Revengers Chapter, the Bikers realize that the leader of Kantou Manji Gang, Mikey, has arrived. Takemichi calls out his name, and the other Bikers appear behind Mikey with a flag written Kantou Manji Gang. Senju realizes that all Gangs are here, and Rokuhara’s leader adds that it is interesting.

Takemichi believes that this is not time for Mikey to start a war here. Takeomi shouted at his men and said that the battle was for Draken. Rokuhara’s leader comments that they can begin “The War of Three Deities”. Kantou Manji Gang vows to kill everyone, and they both exchange punches. Takemichi and Senju had no clue what to do since the fight just started. Takeomi cursed the Kantou Manji Gang that they left Draken alone, which is why Draken got killed. Senju shouts at her Gang, telling them to stop and not allow anger to drive them.

Mikey looked around and told Coco to look at the situation. Takemichi wonders what Mikey is saying. Coco asks Boss (Mikey) if he will make a move, and Mikey replies that he is leaving this to Haruchiyo and the rest. Coco wonders if the Boss care about it, and Mikey ask about what. Takemichi is still confused watching the two talking while “The War of Three Deities” continues as they exchange barrages. Rokuhara’s leader is glad that he is punishing everyone in front of him since they are not from his side.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 225

Rokuhara’s leader talked about his former Tenjiku Boys and told them to forget about Kantou Manji Gang. He notices that Akashi is furious, and he is beating his guy to a pulp and realizes that it is rare to see Akashi fighting like that. He decided to first settle things with BRAHMAN then take on Mikey’s Gang. The weirdo punks agree, and four of them step forward to punish BRAHMAN’s members.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

Tokyo Revengers

They are putting their hands inside the pocket like they are not going to use them to fight. Takeomi gets angry that South is laughing and lands a massive punch that pushes South back. Senju notices that Takeomi is fighting recklessly and reminds him to control his emotions. She realizes that he might mess and get punishes for being too forward. Senju wanted to join the battle, and Waka stopped her. He told her not to interfere since this brawl was different from the other ones.

Waka adds that someone lost his life in and it is Draken. Waka told Takemichi to protect BRAHMAN’s Princess, Senju, and he joined the battle with Benkei. Takemichi realizes that they can’t stop this since everyone has made up their minds. Takeomi is charging at South, who is Rokuhara’s leader. His boys blocked Takeomi’s path, but he kept on sending them flying.

Takeomi asks South why he sent boys to kill Draken, who was not even a formal member of BRAHMAN. He should have killed him instead of Draken. South realizes that he sent the men to kill Takemichi, but they miss the target and get rid of Draken. Takeomi is trying to advance, but they keep on blocking his way. South moves near the guys holding Takeomi and raises his fist while reminding Takeomi that this is a war.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226


Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 will be released on 13 October 2021. South tries to punch, but Benkei blocks the punch and teases him that he punches like a girl and is not suitable for someone of his size. Waka landed a double flying kick that hurts South. Benkei told them that he was dealing with them. South realizes that it is the Tyrant Vs. Legends and talked about First-Gen Black Dragon. Tyrant Vs. Legends begin in the next chapter of Tokyo Revengers.

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Read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 Online – Raw Details

You will be able to read Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 online on various platforms. Tokyo Revengers Manga has not revealed its official website, but the new chapter keeps being released every week on Wednesday. The spoilers of Tokyo Revengers’ latest chapter are released the same day as the latest one since the manga is always front. Let’s meet when Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 releases this coming week, and that is when the updates of the battle will continue.

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