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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tokyo Revengers

The BRAHMAN head rescues begin with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222, with Draken arriving at the scene and help Takemichi to protect Senju. Tokyo Revengers has been hitting on BRAHMAN’s arc ever since Takemichi met with Senju and became a new member of the gang. From the recent Tokyo Revengers chapter, Takemichi was about to be assassinated, but Draken arrives and smashes those punks who want to get top rank after killing Takemichi. Takemichi and Senju are now safe with Draken’s help. The chapter title is “Ups and Downs of His Fate.” The chapter begins at Mikey’s territory.

Mikey looks by the window and notices that it is pouring heavily, and his assistant asks him what’s the matter. Mikey replies that he is feeling uneasy about tonight. Meanwhile, the citizens gossip about shotguns at the Amusement Park and wonder who was about to be shot. They decided to leave before the blood spill on them while Draken faces those punks who are not giving up. Takemichi is holding Senju and trying to cover her so that she won’t get injured. Draken steps forward as he faces four guys, but the fourth one is on the ground since he ate Mikey’s kick when he arrives.

He looks at Takemichi, wondering if he is okay. Those punks pretend like they are about to counterattacks and one of them shouts run. They both begin to run and realizes that Draken is not the guy to mess up with. Draken watches those guys as they run away, and he is wearing a D&D Motors jacket showing that he is not here to play. Takemichi thanks his Draken-Kun and gets up with Senju. Draken kicked the shotguns on the ground and commented that those bastards have the nerve to use dangerous weapons.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221

Takemichi begins to take care of Senju and looks all over her body. He asks her if she is hurt. Senju turned into a girl mode and told Takemichi that she is not injured, and she notices that Takemichi cares. Takemichi asks Draken why he is here, and Draken reveals that Inupi informed him about the punks that planned to kill Takemichi tonight. Those punks were heading her to the Amusement Park, and they git lucky that they saw their target and decided to make a move. Takemichi wonders why those guys wanted to kill him.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Draken replies that those guys are Rokuhara’s minions, and Takemichichi wonders if he has heard about Rokuhara. Takemichi keeps on wondering, thinking that he is an ordinary guy and what they will get if they kill him. Draken reminds Takemichi that he has a title around here, and those punks couldn’t accept that a crybaby Takemichi has joined BRAHMAN and get top rank before them. Takemichi realizes that is why those guys decided to use guns instead of hand-to-hand combat. Draken adds that the war of Three Deities might not be an easy battle since they involve shady business companies invest in them.

Draken wonders what will happen and told Draken to keep it a secret since he could foresee the future. The future was about Senju dying to protect Takemichi, but they have managed to stop that. Senju wonders what the two are talking about, and Takemichi talks about thanking Draken. The two are glad that they have changed the future. Senju told Takemichi that they have to leave or they will be in trouble if someone comes. Draken told Takemichi to tell Mikey not to cause chaos since he has done his part and lies in the rain.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 222 Release Date

Tokyo-Revengers-Chapter 222 will be released on 15 September 2021. The new chapter of Tokyo Revengers will be available on Wednesday once a week. Tokyo Revengers is using a Wednesday schedule, releasing a new chapter every week. But sometimes, the new manga chapters get delayed; the next chapter will release this coming week. The new details of Tokyo Revengers will be available on Wednesdays. But we have no official access to read Tokyo Revengers manga.

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