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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221: Release Date & Spoilers

Tokyo Revengers

The brawl between Bikers Gangs starts with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221, with Takemechi with the likes of Draken to get Mikey back. This chapter will release during the weekdays. Tokyo Revengers reveals the story of Takemichi, who is trying to change history to save everyone, including his beloved Hina. From that latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers, Takemichi and Senju are still on their date, but Takemichi realizes that he saw a vision of Senju getting injured. Senju told him to come with her. The two went to the restaurant and enjoyed trying different food. The chapter is titled “Bull’s-Eye.”

It begins to pouring, and Takemichi can’t believe they have to get wet. Senju reminds Takemichi about eating his food since he never touched it. She decided to use the bathroom, and Takemichi agrees. When Senju has left, Takemichi wonders about that vision where Senju collapses. He wonders if that was about the future and realizes that it will be the death of Senju. Takemichi thinks about how he can help Senju to escape death and wonder who will kill her. Takemichi realizes that Senju got injured in her head during that incident. He realizes that Senju went to the restroom and shouldn’t have lost sight of her, and he decided to follow her.

Takemichi arrives at the restroom wondering what to do and how did Senju get attacked. He realizes that Senju wrote a wish ”I Wil Protect Hanagaki Takamichi.” Takemichi recalls Senju telling him that she has kept her promise and felt a range presence. Three punks approach Takemichi, and he wonders if this is that time. One of the three punks asks if this is Hanagaki Takemichi. Takemichi realizes that he is the target.

Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220

The punks wonders if this is their target and the second one said it is him; he was with Kawaragi Senju. Takemichi asks who the hell are these guys. The first one asks his crew if they are sure about doing this. They both agree and said this is the way for underlings to climb to the top rank. One of the punks said they had told South about it and the middle guy told him not to worry. The guy drew out his gun and said he is putting his life on this. He points a gun at Takemichi, who realizes that this is that time of ”I will protect Hinagaki.”

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221


Takemichi realizes what Senju meant when she said she would protect him and wonders what will happen. He heard someone shouting Hanagaki. Senju arrives dashing at full speed, and Takemichi noticed her. Takemichi realizes that Senju will die protecting him and told her to get away. The punk told Takemichi not to make a move, and Senju sheds tears, telling the guy to stop. Takemichi tries to reject Senju telling her to stay away, and she must not come near him. The crybaby mode awakened with him and turned around, covering Senju for her not to get shot.

Senju wonders what Takemichi is doing, and she froze. A gunshot sounded, and Takemichi jumps and hugs Senju while diving with her. Takemichi lands with Senju on the ground and holds her tight. The villain wondered if the shot has hit the target and thinks he has killed Takemichi since he fired multiple shots. Takemichi gets up, and Senju wonders why he can’t play dead. The punk wonders why the boy is not even bleeding. The guys wanted to finish Takemich but Draken arrives and kicked their guns. The chapter ends with Draken asking Takemichi if he is good.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 221 will be released on 8 September 2021. The new chapter of Tokyo Revengers will be released every Wednesday once a week. Tokyo Revengers manga uses a Wednesday schedule with a release of a new chapter. But sometimes, the manga chapters get delayed; the manga will continue with a weekly Wednesday schedule. The next chapter will release soon after the manga releases. The new updates of Tokyo Revengers will be available weekly, and for now, we have no official access to read the manga.

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