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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

The BAHMAN arc begins with Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220, with Takemichi and Draken joining the gang to save Mikey. This will release this coming week. Tokyo Revengers has recently entered another era of BRAHMAN, a new biker gang that has recently rise to bring peace in Tokyo. From the latest chapter of Tokyo Revengers, Senju, the head of BRAHMAN, asks Takemichi to go on a date with her before the next brawl: BRAHMAN vs. Kantou Manji Gang. The war will be the Battle of Three Deities; the chapter title is ”A Sense Of Foreboding.” The chapter begins with the two headings to the date.

Takemichi thought they would be talking about a serious discussion. The two head to the amusement park for their date.  Senju told Takemichi that she wanted to come here for a long time since the last time she came was in her sixth grade. Takemichi wonders why she was wearing BRAHMAN’s uniform when they bought lots of clothes the other day. Senju replies that her uniform is more comfortable than any outfit. The two enter the roller coaster and enjoy the ride. Senju comments that they are high, and Takemichi notices that she is excited.

After the rollercoaster, they ride on horses, and Takemichi thinks it is a kiddy ride since they are made out of plastic. Takemichi wonders if Senju is the girl that will start the war between Three Deities. He realizes that it is challenging to read Senju’s mind since sing becomes girlish and more like a gangster sometimes. Senju realizes that the war of Three Deities begins on 14 July, and Draken will take care of Kantou Manji Gang. Takeomi and her will handle Rokuhar Tandai. Takemichi wonders if she is telling him something.

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Previously on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 219

Senju thinks she can’t care for the war alone, but she will become number one once Mike and South get defeated. She told Takemichi to get ready. The rollercoaster goes down, and Takemichi screens. Senju said that BRAHMAN would become unstoppable and grow bigger. Takemichi shouts he will die, and Senju talks about the battle and that Takeomi has changed. But her goal is not making BRAHMAN stronger but making it BRAHMAN bigger. Takemichi is tired and comments that they can go somewhere to relax and talk about it. Senju replies that more people will get involved when the gang rises, but most will be unsatisfied.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

She reminds Takemichi that the rollercoaster is going down again. When the gang grows bigger, they must get done with settling the score between the Three Deities. Takemichi thinks that they can’t talk when the rollercoaster is at this speed. Senju joins the funs and begins to screen with the others. They arrive at the ground, and Takemichi feels like he ant to throw out. Senju saw something and told Takemichi to follow her.  Takemichi said today is Tanbata and Senju said it is Tanzaku, and they can visit to make a wish.

Tanzaku is like a festival where one hangs a card with a wish written on it. The two head to write their wishes, and Senju asks what he wrote. Takemichi wrote ”I will defeat Mikey-kun!!” Senju comments that it is a boring wish and decided to show him her wish. Her note reveals that she will protect Takemichi Hanagaki. Senju asks Takemichoi to befriend her, and he agrees while exchange shakes. Takemichi also promised to protect her. Takemichi realizes that this is the place where he saw Senju getting injured. He realizes that anything can happen, and Senju told him to follow.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220 Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 220 will be released on Wednesday, 1 September 2021. The new chapter of Tokyo Revengers manga will be released every Wednesday once a week. Tokyo Revengers manga has returned to Wednesday releases, but sometimes the manga gets delayed. The manga will continue to release with Wednesday weekly schedule. The next chapter will be available when the recent chapter releases. We will update the new details about this manga every week; for now, we have no access to read the manga.

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