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Spoilers & Recap: Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217

Tokyo Revengers
Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi has recently become the new member of BRAHAM after realizing that he wants to bring back Mikey. Draken has accepted Takemichi and reminds him about their goal. The head of BRAHAM organized a meeting with Takemichi at Harajuku at 3 pm. They told Takemichi that they want to settle scores with Mikey without getting involved in a fight. Let’s discovered about the meeting between Senju and Tekemicki on Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217. The two arrived at Harajuku, and Takemichi couldn’t see Senju, who arrives late. Sonju apologizes, and Takemichi got suppressed to see him wearing girls’ clothes. The chapter title is ”Shows Her Color.”

The chapter begins with Takemichi and Senju heading shopping. Takemichi wants answers where Senju is a girl. Senju BRAHMAN’s leader got revealed to be a girl. She told Takemichi that he would carry her bags. Takemichi thinks that it is unfair, and Senju reminds him that they made a promise. Takemichi shouts ”You’re a girl,” and she asks if there is a problem. He wonders why BRAHMAN’s top is a girl, and they both head shopping together. Senju told Takemichi to follow her, and Takemichi comments that one of the three deities is a lady.

Senju told Takemichi that they are shopping in Harajuku since Takeomi told her to act like a lady. Takemichi asks who is Takeomi and Senju said it is Takeomi Akashi BRAHMAN 2ND, man. She also said BRAHMAN are oldies, and it feels great to have someone of her age join them. The two saw a shop that sells thug clothes, and Senju told Takemichi that it looks cool and can’t try it. Takemichi told her to come bag since he is not familiar with girls who like thug life.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 216 Highlights

Takemichi and Senju head to another shop, and he gets her to look like a lady. Senju dressed beautifully and changed her hairstyle, which makes her look more attractive. The lady in the shop praises her beauty. Senju comments that she feels exposed dressing her new outfit and wonders if they call this cute. The lady told her that it suits her, and Takemichi agrees. Senju tries to walk, and Takemichi notices that she is not used to those kinds of clothes. They buy those clothes, and Takemichi carries her bags. Senju saw another store and grabs Takemichi hands, pulling him that they are rushing to the next stop.

Takemichi can’t believe that they are going shopping even though they have so many bags. The owner of the shop told them to come again since they made her get a considerable profit. Inside the next shop, Senju tried different clothes and decided to take everything she thought looks fantastic. Takemichi feels like he is getting tortured since he is following around carrying huge luggage. He told Senju that he can’t hold more bags and realizes that Senju is a cute ordinary girl.

Tokyo Revengers

Tokyo Revengers

Mysterious Three Siblings: First Generation Black Dragon

Takemichi wonders if BRAHMAN’s top has to be her. The two begin to talk about Akashi, and Takemichi asks how they get to know each other. Senju wanted to speak, but the lady inside the shop continues to show her more clothes. Takemichi said Akashi is a former member of First Generation Black Dragon who should be in his mid-twenties. But Senju is the same age as Takemichi. Senju replies that Akashi is her older brother, and Takemichi can’t believe that the two are siblings.

Senju also said that her name is Akashi Senju and Kawaragi Senju is like a professional work name. The talk about Haruchiyo and Senju thinks Takemichi knows Haruchiyo since he is the former Tokyo Manji Gang 5TH, Division Vice President, Sanzu Haruchiyo. Takemichi replies that he knows Sanzu, and Senju told him that he is her second brother. Senju forgets that she is dressing and open a curtain, shouting that they are mysterious three siblings.

Takemichi told her to close the curtain since she is still dressing and he can see her chest. Senju replies that it is a sports BRA and nothing is wrong with him seeing that; Takemichi said it is a problem since he is a boy. Takemichi asks if Sanzu is in BRAHMAN. Senju said Haruchiyo is in Kantou Manji Gang and Takemichi realizes that he is with Mikey. The two enjoy shopping and hag choco mint and ice cream. When she is leaving, they promise that they will meet and had fun together. Takemichi had a vision when he shed tears in front of Senju’s corpse. Takemichi wonders why he had that vision.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 217

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 2117 release date is 4 August 2021.

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