Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 Episode 1 Leaks and Images

Tokyo Ghoul:re season 2’s first ever episode is slated to come on October 9, but hype came earlier for those who watched the early screening of the first episode. What happened after Kaneki regained his memories? Who are the new members of the Qs and how will Urie handle them? Who is the One-Eyed King and what is his relationship in the Aogiri Tree

Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 Episode 1 Early Screening

Tokyo Ghoul:re Season 2 episode 1 has an early screening in a Japanese video streaming site called GyaO. The opening and ending videos are cut in this live stream, but we got to see the real thing earlier than the release date. These are the screenshot fro the first episode, and it shows what we need to expect off the bat.

It turns out that Kaneki (still Haise in CCG) has been paired up with Furuta. Kaneki left the Qs and became a Special Associate Class Investigator who is in charge of finding the One-Eyed King. Right in the first episode, we will know how Kaneki and Furuta will unveil Eto’s Takatsuki Sen identity and expose her as a ghoul. CCG will also raid the base of Aogiri Tree, with Mutsuki having a brief story of his own. Even Rize will have a scene in this episode pertaining to her past. The first episode is full of information revelations, and it might be a good idea for those who are only watching the anime to read a bit of the manga as it can get confusing.

GyaO never put the opening and ending videos in their stream, but they put the episode 2 preview. Because of this, we will also be able to take a glimpse into the second episode. Episode Two is titled “White Darkness” (google translated) and it looks like *spoiler ahead* the rematch against Kaneki and Arima will happen in episode 2 *end of spoiler*.

Events are happening at a fast rate this season, and it is too early to say if it would be a good thing or a bad thing. Things might slow down in the middle of the season. Stay tuned for more Tokyo Ghoul:re season 2 updates.

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