Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Episode 3: Leaks and Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 has been really bad so far. I didn’t enjoy the first episode of the show at all. The second one was a slight improvement on the first one, but again, it was bad overall. I don’t like the way they skipped a lot of content once again. Not only that, the fights they gave us were emotionless. I don’t know, but despite being just pages, the manga had more life than the anime.

It is usually the other way round, so you can imagine how bad the anime is when compared to the manga. Arima’s death wasn’t handled all that well either. I wasn’t a big fan of the entire sequence. But, let’s talk about Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Episode 3 now. Be warned; this post will contain a lot of spoilers. If you don’t want to to get spoiled, I suggest you stop reading the post here. But if spoilers don’t bother you, we can get started.

In the next episode of Tokyo Ghoul, we’ll see Kaneki finding the truth about Arima, and about the Sunlit Garden. This is where the V raise superhumans. Arima was actually a man with the process of a ghoul as well. So are the other Sunlit Garden children, like Hairu, who died last season. Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Episode 3 will see Kaneki Ken take over the identity of The One Eyed King.

The other members of the Arima squad are ordered by Arima to ensure that Kaneki leaves safely. He really did think of Kaneki as his son. Over at the Aogiri headquarters, Tatara joins the fight, and he takes on Takizawa, who utterly destroys him in battle. Akira Mado, Amon, and Ui will also be involved in major parts of the battle.

Torso and Mutsuki will be getting some screen time as well even though we don’t know how they got there, and what exactly happened. Half of the anime makes no sense, while the remaining half is too rushed. It is the perfect recipe for disaster, and frankly, I recommend reading the manga, because I’m sure that you’ll love it.

Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Episode 3 is titled “Cross Game.” You can watch it on various streaming services like Crunchyroll, and Funimation. There are also lots of unofficial sources that let you watch Tokyo Ghoul re, but avoid the usage of these services, if you can. Tokyo Ghoul Season 4 Episode 3 airs on 23 October 2018.

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