Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 9 Spoilers And Release Date

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be talking about about Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 9. The new Tokyo episode was bad in every aspect. Again, my problem with the episode is the same. It may seem like I’m being repetitive with my complaints, but I say what I feel and the thing that is killing Tokyo Ghoul the most is that incredibly bad pacing.

Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 9

Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 9 Spoilers

I don’t think Studio Pierrot is to blame for this solely. It is likely that the TV company Tokyo MX and Shueisha wanted the anime to be aired in this manner, and because of that, Pierrot was left with no option but to outsource the entire thing, which has thrown the pacing completely off. I’m a big fan of the Tokyo Ghoul re franchise, but the anime just isn’t what I wanted it to be. Anyway, let’s come over to Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 9.

Kaneki is in big trouble now as he has transfomed into a huge Kakuja. He’s no killing everything in his way and this is going to be a turning point in the story for Ghouls and Humans. Kaneki is also producing poisonous substance that is harmful enough turn humans into Ghouls. This is very weird, but probably how the Ghouls were formed in the first place when the Naga serpent did the same thing a couple of decades ago in the past.

Because of this predicament, the CCG and the Ghouls will join hands and work together to save Kaneki and destroy the little ghouls that it producing at the same time. The fight will be incredibly hard, but they’ll have to save Kaneki and find a way if they want to survive. I don’t know how much content the anime will skip in the next episode, but this is pretty much what you should be expecting.

Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 9 will be released on Tuesday, November 4, 2018. You can stream the episode over various sites, like Funimation. You cannot download the episode officially anywhere. Are you excited for Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 9? Let me know what you’re expecting from the next episode of Tokyo Ghoul in the comments section!

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