Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 2 Leaks

Hey everyone! In this post, I’ll be talking about Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 2. The first episode aired yesterday, and I wasn’t a big fan of it. They completely ruined the sequel to re season 1, and a lot of the stuff that was shown in this episode just didn’t make any sense.

Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 2 Release Date

Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 2 Spoilers

Most of the stuff that actually happens after the Rose Extermination arc was skipped, and honestly, if you haven’t read the manga, you’ll probably be wondering what exactly happened here. We already saw 9 chapters getting adapted for the first episode of Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2. That’s a bit too much, in my opinion. They could have taken it slow and then used the time to create something better. But, it is what it is.

The next episode will be solely focused on the Cochlea Raid. This is the third time that Cochlea will have been raided. Haise, who was supposed to be protecting Cochlea, is the one who takes advantage of the mess and uses this opportunity to free Hinami. However, the CCG doesn’t have it.

Even though most of their strong ones are at the Headquarters of the Aogiri, they still have a few like Hirako and Arima at Cochlea. This is where the rematch between Arima and Kaneki will begin. Arima will nearly kill Yomo, and to protect him, Kaneki will step in the way. Hinami will be saved, and we’ll see an epic fight standoff between student and teacher, which will eventually be butchered by Studio Pierrot anyway.

I hope the series does get better, but the first episode couldn’t have been worse, and I fear for Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2.

Tokyo Ghoul re Season 2 Episode 2 is going to be aired on October 16, 2018. You can watch it online on Crunchyroll, or Funimation.

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