Tokyo Ghoul:re 168 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re 168

Tokyo Ghoul:re manga has been taking lots of twists and turns in the recent weeks, and honesty the current arc is definitely one of the most surprising ones yet. We got to see so much action, and yet we’re still continuing all the action. In the previous chapter of Tg:re, we saw the CCG fight against the Owl, and the V alike.

Tokyo Ghoul:re manga 168 spoilers

The V have finally begun to make their move, and their power looks frightening. Ui’s struggle against them proved how powerful they are. However, one of the biggest parts of last week’s chapter was when the V retreated. We saw that the Owl caused a huge explosion, which seemed to blow away everyone in the vicinity, including the CCG. It also looked like Suzuya Juzou was caught in that explosion too. But is he dead? I highly doubt that. Juzou has been one of the biggest characters in re, and until Shinohara doesn’t wake up, I don’t think he’ll die.

Tokyo Ghoul re 168

Moving on to Kaneki and Ayato, we saw them moving closer to the oviduct when suddenly there was a massive outburst of bastards (I suppose?). We don’t know what happened, but I think Kaneki will need to save Ayato here. If he takes in the toxins by using his Kagune, he’ll be in big trouble, just like Saiko. But, Kaneki won’t be affected. So, it seems like he’ll be the one to save Ayato here. On the other hand, Juzou and the CCG are likely to begin their counterattack in the next chapter of Tokyo Ghoul re. Since V have retreated now, I don’t think they’ll face trouble anymore. Of course, there will be some casualties caused by the Owl in the last chapter, but I don’t think Juzou or Ui are gonna be among them. Could be positive, but I don’t think that’ll be the case.

Tokyo Ghoul re manga 168

We might also see Hideyoshi playing a role in the strategy for the next chapter of TG. I feel like that’s going to be the case, and Marude will also be of help. Kaneki and Ayato will run into trouble, but will eventually get the job done. The big question is, what will happen after the mission is over? How will the Ghouls and the humans live? This is all very confusing, and to be honest we won’t get the right answer even if we tried to guess.

You can read Tokyo Ghoul re 168 manga on Viz Media‘s official website, download for this manga is not available.

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