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Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 9 – Departed Spirit: Play

Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 9 – Departed Spirit: Play

Tokyo Ghoul Re Episode 9 will air today. The TG :re anime is doing pretty well in the last few episodes. Studio Pierrot, the studio behind Tokyo Ghoul anime has done a great job and the story is well-adapted from Manga.

The first 4 episodes of Tokyo Ghoul:re anime were a bit off, but then the quality picked up, the pacing was improved and the adaptation was a lot better, at least in my opinion. Last week, Studio Pierrot delivered Tokyo Ghoul re ep 8, it was yet another good episode. The animation was amazing, and I believe it’ll only get better.

If you read Tokyo Ghoul manga, you know that the new, Rose Extermination arc is one of the most hyped arcs and the fans have been waiting for the arc for a long time now. We can say that this is one of the best arcs Ishida has produced.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 9

Coming back to our main topic, Tokyo Ghoul:re ep 9, it seems CCG will finally begin making their move. The Extermination process has begun, and we have the S1 squad to witness in the next few episodes. Further, we’ll also get to see more of Tsukiyama in the next episode. Since Kanae showed him the photo of Sasaki, he’s doing a lot better and will want to meet with him now. Haise is already going to be present during the Extermination, so we will have an incredible reunion there. For those of you that are confused with what happened to Tsukiyama, well let me explain.

Tsukiyama was basically someone who wanted to eat Kaneki. He was with him because ultimately, he wanted to eat him. However, at the end of Tokyo Ghoul, Kaneki literally sacrificed himself to protect others. Because of this, Tsukiyama didn’t get to eat him, which doesn’t seem like a big deal. However, he finally realized that Kaneki was someone who was very dear to him. He didn’t want to see him get hurt. So that’s why he’s been in a bad shape ever since. This is also why he cried after seeing Kaneki in the last episode.

Where to download / watch Tokyo Ghoul re ep 9?

You cannot download Tokyo Ghoul re episode 9 anywhere online but you can watch it on FUNimation for free, with English Subtitles and in 720p/1080i.


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