Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 5 – Update

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In this post, we will be talking about Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 5. Tokyo Ghoul re is one of the hottest anime of this season. We’re already 4 episodes in, and the reaction that it has received so far is mixed. While it is great that Tokyo Ghoul re has finally got an anime adaptation, the Studio hasn’t handled it well, and most of the stuff that we see is rushed. Another issue with the anime is the designs, which are very inconsistent when compared to the manga.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 5

However, it is what it is. Coming back to Tokyo Ghoul re, we’ll get Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 5 on Tuesday. Last week, we saw the Auction finally begin, with Toru Mutsuki being sold, and Juzou wreaking a havoc. CCG made their own move, and at the same time, Takizawa was also sent in.

watch Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 5 online

We now have an interesting clash on our hands. Takizawa will definitely be the focus of Tokyo Ghoul re episode 5. For those who don’t remember, Takizawa was a 2nd class investigator who worked with Amon back in Tokyo Ghoul. He was later ghoulified by Kanou, and turned into an Owl. Takizawa will not show the world what he’s capable of and do not be surprised to see his incredible powers, because he is an Owl now.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 5 9anime

The Quinx squad has also made their move, and they will likely clash with either Aogiri, or Takizawa himself. There is a lot of stuff that could happen right now, and one of the most important parts of the next episode is going to be the bits we get with Toru Mutsuki.

Since the CCG finally made their move, it will be interesting to see what becomes of her, and how she’ll be rescued. Meanwhile, Ayato and Juzou are also in a battle. While Juzou is without Jason, he is still a terrific fighter, being an Associate Special Class. He is without a doubt the next Arima, and his role in the upcoming episodes is going to be very interesting.

Where to watch Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 5 online?

You cannot download Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 5 but you can watch it online on FUNimation.