Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 15: The One-Eyed King Emerges!

Tokyo Ghoul re’s upcoming episode isn’t all that far now, and I think it is the perfect time for us to talk about it. If you’ve been reading just posts on Tokyo Ghoul, you probably know that I’m not the biggest fan of the anime, but I love the manga.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 15

However, we are here to discuss the anime, and I’ve already ranted about 3-4 times, so it’s better just to discuss what I feel about the upcoming episode. Let’s get started guys! Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 14 was a hit and miss. While it did give us some decent moments, with Kaneki vs. Arima, a Yomo flashback, and Furuta vs. Eto, I think it failed to really connect to the fanbase. Tokyo Ghoul has episodes that strike your chord, but I didn’t feel that last week.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 15 Spoilers

I must say, Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 14 was a significant improvement on Episode 13. I hope Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 15 makes things even better. In the next episode of Tokyo Ghoul re, we’ll see Kaneki bid farewell to Arima. To Kaneki, Arima was everything. He was the one who trained him and made him what he is today. Arima’s suicide didn’t bode well for him. But despite all that, he chooses to adhere to the wishes of Arima.

He claims to have killed Arima Kishou himself and then takes on the identity of the One-Eyed King. Tatara also joins the fight and ends up going up against Takizawa, who makes a fool out of him. Exciting times like ahead, as Amon and Akira will be featured in the upcoming episode as well.

Tokyo Ghoul re Episode 15 is going to be aired on October 23, 2018. You can watch it online on Crunchyroll, or Funimation.

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