Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 176 Spoilers

Tokyo Ghoul re Ch 176

Tokyo Ghoul re manga’s last chapter was pretty solid. After Kaneki and Furuta’s interesting battle came to an end, we saw curtains rise on things that left us in shock once again. Ishida Sui has surprised us once again here. Before I begin discussing the last chapter and give my predictions for the upcoming one, I want to let you all know that if you haven’t read the manga, or aren’t caught up, please do not go ahead. If spoilers don’t really bother you, then let’s continue. As I expected, Furuta isn’t dead yet on Tokyo Ghoul. He lost the fight with Kaneki pretty badly, but he isn’t dead. Moving over to the side of the Owl, it was finally weakened severely and with the only ones that needed to be taken down we’re the V. Suzuya’s Arata was no longer functional, so Qs stepped in to protect him.

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 176

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 176 Spoilers

However, the biggest shock of the chapter arrived when Eto Yoshimura struck down Kaiko. I honestly felt like was time for Eto to return and I never really bought the fact that she had died. Seeing her back once again was a relief. In the next chapter of Tokyo Ghoul re, we’ll likely see Kaneki completing his job at the Oviduct. I think Furuta’s fate will be left in the shadows for now. Moving on, the V will likely retreat. Either that, or they will be taken care of in the next chapter. Eto will be at be center of the action in the next chapter of a Tokyo Ghoul re. We might even find out a bit about Kuzen. I think Kuzen will be back in the story once again, but that’s just my opinion.

Tokyo Ghoul re 176

Tokyo Ghoul re Chapter 176 Will Reveal Eto’s Fate

Also, for those of you who don’t know, Tokyo Ghoul re will have a big announcement in the next Jump issue. We don’t know what the announcement is, yet. I have only two things in mind. Either the manga is going to come to an end after the next volume, or the second season of Tokyo Ghoul re anime will be announced. I hope the manga doesn’t come to an end, and that it is an announcement for Season 2 of Tokyo Ghoul re, since we know a second season is coming out in October. But, it’s just days until we find out what it actually is. What are your thoughts on the next chapter of Tokyo Ghoul re? Also, what’s your take on the upcoming huge announcement? Let me know in the comments section below!

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