Todd and Natalie Relationship: Are The YouTube stars Dating Each Other?

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Social media stars have always been talking of the internet. Fans are more curious to know who is dating whom. Love is the most precious thing in the world, and very rare people have that in their life. Today we will talk about the love life of Youtube star Todd Smith and his rumored girlfriend, Natalie Noel. Todd started his career as a YouTuber, and now he is also a musician. He makes videos with friends and often collaborates with his fellow social media stars. He is known for his funny videos. Now, if we talk about Natalie, she is also a famous social media star and a YouTuber. She is known for her videos assisting the Vlogger David Dobrik.

The following article contains all the information about Todd and Natalie. Firstly, in the article, we will talk about who is Natalie Noel? Secondly, who is Todd smith? And then we wrap up the article by telling the name of the beautiful girl who has Todd’s heart?

Who is Natalie Noel?

Who is Natalie? Natalie is an assistant to famous Youtuber David Dobrik and a very famous social media influencer. The beautiful social media star has around 5 million followers on Instagram.  She is featured in his video and has an amazing fan following on social media. Natalie Mariduena, who is also known as Natalie Noel, is currently the talk of the internet because of her romantic life. Natalie and David are childhood friends and even went to school together. However, seeing their bond, fans often think that they both are dating.

Natalie Noel

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Who is Todd Smith?

Todd Smith is a famous Youtube star, known for his Hilarious videos. His YouTube channel Toddy Smith has around  1.2 million subscribers and 75,350,307 views on his Channel. Moreover, he is very active on social media and garnered around 2.4 million followers on Instagram. The Californian comedian brings a laugh to his millions of fans through his videos. He started his YouTube journey by making Vine and then switching it to comedy videos. If we open the doors to looks into his dating history, he dated ‘Carolina Kopf’ in 2017, and after the breakup, he started dating his presently darling sweetheart Natalie.

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Todd Smith
YouTube Vlogger Todd Smith

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Are Todd and Natalie Dating?

Are Todd and Natalie dating? David Dobrik’s assistant confirms that she is dating Todd Smith. Natalie and Todd are 99% dating each other.  The couple has been in the center of speculated – romance for the last two years. Fan’s eyes were glued on them to know the truth behind the speculation. Finally, the blossom romance of the duo is making headlines. It’s all started when Smith sent an infamous text to David’s assistant showing some underlying feelings for her in the usual vlog of squad fashion. David took the screenshot of the text and put it on Billboard, embarrassing Todd. Thereafter, a picture of both fuelled the speculation of their romance. Moreover,  the duo featured together in Toddy Smith’s Youtube video titled ‘we have something to tell you”. Although the video was the explanation of the ‘text on the billboard ‘prank, their dating rumors spread like wildfire after that.

Todd’s Instagram tells you all about their relationship, and there is no doubt that they are not dating. His Instagram page says all. He even posted a picture of the two in 2019 captioned “asked her to be my GF.” Moreover, he is seen on Dobrik’s vlog expressing his feelings for Natalie. In February 2020, Todd was caught in Dobrik’s Vlog sneaking out of Natalie’s room. She was heard saying ‘Go’ to him. In addition to that, Smith made a song for Natalie, which was loved by all his fans, giving the final nail to the coffin, proving the fact they are dating. The duo looks cute together and is often seen sharing their adorable pictures on social media. Moreover, they are seen together on various occasions, proving that they are surely dating each other.

Todd and Natalie
Todd with his rumored girlfriend, Natalie.

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