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Anime Review – To Your Eternity Season 1 Episode 1

to your eternity featured image
'To Your Eternity' Season 1, C[Brain's Base]

‘To Your Eternity’, season 1 episode 1 has finally been released! The fans of this Anime television and web series were super excited about the release, which was on the 12th of April, in 2021. The first episode is titled “The Last One” and has been directed by Masahiko Murata and written by Shinzo Fujita.

Episode 1 of ‘To Your Eternity’ has been broadcasted worldwide on a channel called NHK Education TV. The Anime television and web series have also been premiered on various online platforms. The opening theme song of ‘To Your Eternity’ is titled “PINK BLOOD” and has been performed by Utada Hikaru. On the other hand, the ending theme song of the Anime series is called “Mediator” and has been performed by Masashi Hamauzu.

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What is the main plot of ‘To Your Eternity’?

‘It’ is a bewildering and strange creature who has been blessed with the gift of immortality. While lacking basic emotions, It is sent to earth. It also has the ability to take the shape of any solid thing around him. After changing its shape numerous times (from rock to snow to moss and many more), It finally takes the form of a wolf who was about to die. In the end, it is seen how he has changed his shape and taken the form of a boy who did not have many days left to live. This is where Its adventures begin. He encounters various people and goes to different places. Its experience as “Boy” is the main focal point of To Your Eternity.

Poster to your eternity

The Official Poster Of ‘To Your Eternity’ Season 1, C[Brain’s Base]

‘To Your Eternity’ Season 1 Episode 1 – Review.

The first episode of ‘To Your Eternity’ is titled “The Last One”, as mentioned before. The audience had high expectations with this episode and with this Anime series in totality – they were not let down. The whole plot seemed simple, and there is always something special about leaving things simple, for a change. Being self-explanatory, Boy was a pure and wholesome little ball of optimism and warm sunshine. It was just heartbreaking to see the injuries growing on him. It eventually leads him to get sicker and sicker, day by day.

Even though ‘To Your Eternity’ has been created in the year 2021, it does not really seem like it has. But, that is one of the best parts about this Anime series. The old-vibe aesthetics and the grainy filters make ‘To Your Eternity’ one of a kind. Even the showcased art does not look very modern since the creators have preferred to make it look a little classic. This distinct element of the Anime television and web series is one of the main reasons why the viewers cannot wait until the next week for the second episode to get released.

In very simple words, the first episode or the season’s premiere was magnificently incredible. It is true how the storyline made the viewers cry and emotionally break their hearts – but this sensitive delicateness was the beauty of it. The voice actors did a great job in performing this artsy monodrama. The audience is eagerly waiting for the next episode as they are curious to find out how It will act like a human, now that they have witnessed him take the shape of an animal.

a still from ep of tye

A Scene From The First Episode Of ‘To Your Eternity’ Season 1, C[Brain’s Base]

Release Dates of the upcoming episodes of ‘To Your Eternity’, season 1.

The official producers of ‘To Your Eternity’ has said that the series will run for 20 episodes approximately. The viewers wish that there would be more. The entire episode schedule of the Anime series has not been revealed yet. This is what we know about the release dates of the upcoming episodes:

  • To Your Eternity Episode 2 – 19th April 2021, A Rambunctious Girl
  • To Your Eternity Episode 3 – 25th April 2021, A Minor Evolution
  • To Your Eternity Episode 4 – 3rd May 2021, A Large Vessel

Where can you watch the upcoming episodes of ‘To Your Eternity’, season 1?

The upcoming episodes of ‘To Your Eternity” are available for you to watch on the online platform called Crunchyroll once they are released!

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