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To Your Eternity Episode 12: Preview and Spoilers

To Your Eternity
To Your Eternity

Fushi still learns to behave generally with humans after defeating a monster that looks like a tree. All thanks to Gugu, who went to the Booze Man and return with a belly full of beer. The two burn the monster using fire and beer. Gugu has confessed in front of Rean’s parents that they wanted to take her away. He told them that there wouldn’t be another guy who loves Rean more than him. To Your Eternity will conclude after the truth behind the new enemy gets revealed. After, the Fushi met with his makers and learned about a new threat.

Fushi’s maker told him that they would help him train to fight against the new group of villains that possesses power like him. The next day Fushi enjoys learning new things from Rean. Rean reminds Fushi that she will throw a sixteenth birthday party next month, and she is inviting him and Gugu. Fushi replies that he will let Gugu know. Rean gets excited that Fushi is learning everything quickly. Fushi has not transformed once in the past five years since he never regenerated by changing forms.

Fushi is lucky never to encounter his archenemy, the Nokkers, and he chose not to change forms. Instead, he decided to experience life like other humans without transforming. As the days of weeks passes he enjoys doing human chores and events. Rean notices that Fushi stabs himself with a needle and comments that she will ask Booze Man for disinfectant. Fushi told Rean that there is no need for her to worry and told her to continue telling her story. Rean asks Fushi about something that Gugu likes. Fushi reveals everything that Gugu enjoys.

Previously on To Your Eternity Episode 11

Rean noted everything that Fushi said and commented that she would prepare for the party. Rean is worried that Gugu is always topless and wonders if he will wear a shirt if she makes a shirt. Fushi comments that he has never seen Gugu wearing one before. Rean replies that she thinks that there is something that Gugu would want her to make for him. Fushi reveals that Gugu said he wanted a rag for his feet. Rean wonders who uses rag these days and said she would never make a rag.

Fushi reminds Rean that Gugu will appreciate anything that she will give to him. Then, Rean opens up about her marriage at the age of sixteen to the person they will choose for her. Fushi had no clues about marriage, and Rean said marriage is when she has to become like her mother. Rean’s family follows their royal culture for sending off a girl to a respected family. Therefore, the daughter from the royal family cannot fall in love or get married to a commoner. Now what to expect from To Your Eternity Episode 12?

Gift From The Past

Rean comments that she will get forced to partner with a person she doesn’t love and give birth to a snotty brat. Fushi asks Rean if he is not interested in getting married to a guy like that, and she said yes. Rean comments that she can’t get married to a guy that she has never seen his face. Fushi wonders if the boy wears a mask like Gugu. Rean also said she would introduce her boyfriend to her parents at the birthday party. The two realize that Rean has to get a boyfriend before her sixteenth birthday.

To Your Eternity

Rean said she would get closer to the person that she loves. Fushi asks if she is talking about the love spark that happens when she is around Gugu. Then, Fushi asks what it means to be in love. Rean asks Fushi if Gugu said something about love or her, and he wanted to ask if she likes Gugu. Rean avoids that one and comments that she has finished making a crayfish mask. Fushi asks if he is giving that to Gugu. Rean said she doesn’t want to spoil the surprise.

Gugu heard everything and saw the gift Rean gave him. Booze Man headed to the town to do some errands. Gugu’s brother visited him. Fushi asks Rean if she will talk with Gugu about marrying her, and Rean tries to avoid the question. Fushi reveals that Gugu will be glad to marry Rean. Pironah saw Gugu receiving a ring and realizes that it is a gift from the past. Later, Rean picked up that ring, and she opens up to Gugu, and Fushi finds that the Nokkers are her. Gugu falls from the top and pushes Rean backward. So when will fans see To Your Eternity Episode 12?

To Your Eternity Episode 12 Release Date

To Your Eternity: Episode 12 release date is 28 June 2021, at 10:50 PM JST. You will be able to watch To Your Eternity online on Crunchyroll.

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