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To Your Eternity Episode 11: Preview and Recap

To Your Eternity

The story of Fushi begins when an orb landing on the earth and met with a boy Joaan. Juan died on a journey to search for where humans live.  An orb host Joaan’s body as Fushi begins to learn how humans live. People consider Fushi as an immortal hero who saves every friend he met. But all the friends he made have died throughout his travel.  To Your Eternity will conclude soon. Fushi lost all of his friends and met with a boy named Gugu. The two had an incredible journey realizing that they are immortal brothers.

Fushi and Gugu decided to help Rean get rid of her problems. They encounter a monster that can turn into forms like Fushi. The beast wanted to host Gugu’s body, but Fushi arrives to save Gugu. The episode title is ”New Family.” Fushi blocks the monster’s attack from piercing through Gugu’s body. Fushi told Gugu to run as he fights with the beast. Gugu realizes that the old hag said they got attacked by something unknown in the forest that looks like a tree.

Fushi told Gugu to hurry and run, but Gugu replies that he wants to help. The monster uses vines to wrap Fushi and Gugu. Fushi transforms into a bear and breaks out of the boulder. Fushi decides to fight one-on-one with the beast. Gugu picks up the spear and hits the monster’s head, but the spears did not harm. The beast sent Gugu flying, and Fushi receives a massive body blow. Gugu land near a fire and puke alcohol that got engulfed by fire. He realizes that this will help him beat the monster.

Previously on To Your Eternity Episode 10

Gugu realizes that the fire spread to the liquor he barfed up, and he has an idea. The boy dashes to the battle’s location at full speed. Meanwhile, Fushi has turned into a wolf and continues to battle with the monster. Gugu arrives and notices that Fushi has distracted the beast. Gugu tried to use his trick to burn the monster, but he found that his alcohol tank gets emptied. Fushi got beaten and banged with Gugu when they land on the ground. Fushi told Gugu to run, or he will get angry.

The monster attacks, and Gugu run while saying he will be back in five minutes. Fushi shouts, ”come back, I will bite you.” Gugu decided that he will get to Booze Man’s place in one minute and come back with a bellyful of liquor in two minutes. Unfortunately, Gugu feels dizzy and begins to get weak. Rean got surprised after Gugu arrives at Booze Man’s place. The hotheaded royal punk asks Gugu if he was with Rean.

Rean told her father that she left the home of her will and no one is misleading her. Gugu realizes that he left Fushi fighting to get some liquor. Gugu is worried that the royals will be surprised that a young boy is drinking alcohol. Rean’s father asks Gugu what kind of spell he casts that made Rean go against her family. Rean apologizes that she never thought that her father would visit here. Gugu surprised everyone by telling Booze Man to give him more beer and a strong drink.

To Your Eternity

New Family

Booze Man wonders what is happening to Gugu that makes him ant more ”beer.” Gugu pulls Booze Man by his beards and comments that his belly is out of ”beer.” Rean’s mother wonders what kind of friend Gugu is to Rean. Rean notices that something is weird and asks about Fushi. The old hag realizes that Gugu is signaling that Fushi is fighting with a giant monster alone in the mountains. The old hag told Booze Man to do what Gugu is saying. Booze Men heads with Gugu to a room that he keeps his special ”beer.”

Rean’s mother told Rean that they are leaving with her. Rean replies that she likes it here since they have treated her like a family. Rean’s father can’t accept that her daughter is staying in a place like this instead of his mention. Rean’s father told the old hag why Rean run away from home, but they have fixed that problem, and they will allow her to live freely. The old hag replies that the problem is not what the family is saying. Gugu arives and warns Rean’s family not to go home.

Rean’s father wonders what Gugu’s problem is. Rean reveals that she wants more freedom, and this is her new family. The mother thought Rean didn’t like the guy they chose and said they would allow her to marry anyone of her choice. Gugu reveals that the guy who loves Rean is him and heads to help Fushi. Gugu and Fushi blew the monster using ”beer” and fire. Later Fushi met with makers who told him about The Nokkers. Fushi trains to fights with The Nokkers.

To Your Eternity Episode 11 Release Date

To Your Eternity: Episode 11 release date is 21 June 2021, at 10:50 PM JST. You will be able to watch To Your Eternity online on Crunchyroll.

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