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Spoilers & Preview: To Your Eternity Episode 1

To Your Eternity Episode 16
To Your Eternity

One day a mysterious being is sent to the earth, and they realize that he is an immortal. It has been revealed that an immortal guy is a boy named Fushi. Fushi has no identity or emotions, and he takes the behavior of people living around him. Fushi started a white orb and turned into a rock. Later he transformed into a wolf and met with a boy who stays alone. Fushi takes the form of that boy and travels the world for more than 100 years. During his travels, he takes the form of any creature that he encounters.

He also gained the power to revive the dead. Later he met with a mysterious Black-hooded being who helped him. The mysterious being is more powerful than Fushi. Mysterious Black-hooded revealing that he is Fushi’s creator but other powerful being called Knockers denies it. Knockers can steal Fushi’s forms, and they battle with Fushi for centuries. The Fushi’s copies are sent to different parts of the world to stop the Knockers from returning to the universe.

To Your Eternity Summary

Fushi finds a dead body of a boy, and he reincarnated himself inside the body. But the mark that the boy has is left on Fushi’s left leg. Fushi feels that he belongs to this body. On his journey, he met with March, Gugu, who has defined muscles, Parona, a beautiful slender lady with black hair. One day March was playing and saw an adult girl in her village. Parana enjoys playing with March until she left for her home. But March’s parents told her to come over for dinner.

March talk about becoming an adult, and her mother told her to stop wetting the bed, and she will become one. Later March wanted to play with Parono. Parona told March that she is busy with training. March decided to play alone and heard a mysterious voice. March wonders what it is, and Parana came ad take her away. They went to Hayase, who asks if they heard the signal to gather. She told them to go to the center of the village like other villagers. They both arrived at the center of the village.

To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity

Spirit Bear

When they are there, March is surprised and wonders why there are so many people gathering. The ritual started after all the villagers have gathered. They decide to choose a child who would be sacrificed to the Spirit Bear. Spirit Bear is considered to be a God that the villagers worship and believe in. The Spirit Bear is a peacemaker and brings prosperity to Ninannah. Surprisingly March is the chosen one. Everyone is glad that March is the next child sacrifice.

When she reaches home, her parents shed tears and hug her. Hayase is tasked to take care of March and accompany her to the ritual. March reveals that she doesn’t want to be a sacrifice and die. She asks why she has to die, and Hayase comments that it is what it is. The ritual started, and they celebrate March’s death that will take place soon.

They travel to the mountains for three consecutive days. Hayasa told March that she is doing a great job since she agrees with everything. Hayase told March how she could become an adult. They got attacked, and March decided to escape. While she is escaping, she trips ad fell inside the pond. Inside the pond, March saw an immortal being regenerating.

Immortal’s Mother

To Your Eternity

To Your Eternity

March decides to follow the immortal being, but she wonders why he is not talking. She thought that he is hungry and she gets food for him. March gave him the fruits, but he ate like an animal. March wonders what kind of parents does this immortal being has. She thinks that his parents should have taught him how to eat. March trie to communicate and teach the immortal how to eat and behave.

But she fails; in the evening, March had a dream about the death of her sister Risa. She also dreamed about a villager named Lara. March wakes up in the middle of the night ad decides to head back to the village to meet with Hayase. When she has left the immortal, notice that March is gone. He wakes up and starts to follow March.

March this the immortal is hungry that is why he is following her. She gives him more food, but he didn’t stop following her. March comments that she has become an immortal’s mother and named him Fushi. Hayase met with March, who parts ways with Fushi. Later after her death, March got resurrected and set on a journey with Fushi.

Fumetsu no Anata e Episode 1 Release Date

To Your Eternity or Fumetsu no Anata e Episode, 1 will release on Monday, 12 April 2021, at 10:50 PM JST. The latest episode will be available online officially on Crunchyroll and ANIPLUS.

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