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Tito Ortiz Net Worth: How Rich is The Former MMA Fighter?

What Is Tito Ortiz's Net Worth?

Most commonly known as  “The Stints” of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Tito Ortiz resigned from the Huntington Beach mayor’s post to protect his family. Tito used to be an MMA fighter, and he was very good at it. He made the record of knocking off the opponent continuously for four rounds. He is also called the man of steel of MMA because he has won brutal fights with an injured shoulder and bleeding nose. Tito gave his fans many exciting fight nights and enormous victories. But 2014, he had enough of the MMA fighting and the competitive environment around.

In his MMA retirement speech, he said that every time he succeeded, he heard the crowd going crazy for him. It felt good for a second, but it builds pressure on a person that they even have to work harder. Tito added to his statement by saying initially, he took it as a motivational boost. But over a period of time, it built the pressure.

What Is Tito Ortiz's Net Worth?

Tito Ortiz: The Mayor Who Resigned His Job.

So, in 2014 he let the pressure get the best of him, and he officially retired from MMA. He said he used to enjoy fighting, and in MMA, it turned out to be a daily routine.

Tito Ortiz Retired From MMA In 2014… But Wait, He Came Out Of It In 2018

Tito Ortiz said he didn’t want his passion for fighting to die, so he had to get out of there and explore new horizons for himself. But MMA authorities were not ready to let Tito Ortiz go. They chained him to a challenge with Liam McGeary, which he couldn’t refuse to. He took up the challenge and defeated Liam. This fight earned Tito Ortiz a place in the UFC Hall Of Fame.

After he retired, all of his fans thought he must enjoy his retirement life with his wife and family. But wait, what? He came out of his retirement in 2018. Fans were very excited to see Tito back in the ring. And came back like teenage blood after his four years break from his career. Toto’s first fight after he returned was with Chuck Liddell. Obviously, Tito won the fight. Either Chuck forgot to give Tito a tough fight, or Tito was trying to make a powerful comeback. Either way, Tito Ortiz was a winner as usual.

Tito Ortiz Resinges From His Post Of Mayor Of Huntington Beach To Protect His Family

Tito was seen in political affairs before being elected as a Mayor. He is a Trump supporter and helped him with his election campaign in the United States Presidential Election 2016. He went on with the slogan “Let’s Make United States Of America Great Again.” And clearly, his support paid off. In the election of 2020, Tito Ortiz was elected the Mayor of Huntington Beach. However, it’s not an easy job to be in charge of a place. In May 2021, Tito resigned from his position as the security of his family was compromised.

A few days back, Tito was accused of receiving unemployment cheques. After that rumor was settled, some rumors went around that targeted his family. After which, de decided to quit his job. He made it official in a meeting by saying that He is a Mayor, but he is a father and a husband first, and he will protect his family at my cost. His fans were disappointed. But some people were happy as Tito is a Trump supporter and the recent invasion in the White House traced back to his supporters.

Tito Ortiz’s Net Worth

Tito Ortiz holds a Net Worth of 20 Million Dollars. He holds a 15 years old merchandising brand that holds a worth of 17 Million dollars. He has appeared in several hit movies such as Zombie Stripper, Cradle 2 the Grave, including Valley of Wolves, and many more. Tito owns a Mansion worth 30 Million dollars in California.

A chunk amount of Tito’s earnings come from Poker. The wrestler is a poker champion, and he hardly lost a game. The most he has earned from poker is around 5,3000 Million dollars. In 2020 he became the Mayor of his hometown, and he earned his living from the government paycheck. He was involved in professional wrestling for a very long time. And a chunk of dollars has been credited to him by professional wrestling.

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