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Titans Season 3 Finished Filming – What To Expect?

Titans Season 3: Everybody loves Superheroes and when it comes to watching Titans on our digital screens, we can not hold back. The show has been created by Akiva Goldsman as well as Geoff Jones along with Greg Berlanti. The characters all have been adopted with the plot from the DC Comics team Teen Titans. The story is all about a group of young heroes who join their power together in order to fight off crime as well as the evil that exists in their surroundings. When the show starts, we see that their entire group has lost contact but are soon reformed ad Titans by the original crew.

They fight against crime throughout the various locations of the city that includes Detroit as well as San Francisco. Firstly, we have Dick Grayson in this series who is who used to work as a partner of Batman. Then the second name in this list is Kory Anders who is quite extraterrestrial. Third up we have Rachel Roth who is an empath and lasts but not least, Garfield Logan who is a shapeshifter.

Titans Season 3 - Release Date and Filming Updates

A still from Titans

Titans – Recap

Later in the scenes, we find out that Dick actually an original Titan. Back in the most recent second installment of the show, we witness that a whole new reformation of our Titan group happens. This is when we see Dick trying to lead a new team which is composed of Rachel as well as Gar and Jason. Although, the return of the Titans officially also created some negative impacts. The deadly assassin and the antagonist of this season were Deathstroke who has previously disbanded the entire Titans group.

While he is trying to kill our Superheroes, our heroes are fighting back to save the world from him. On the other hand, Season 2 also featured some more of the threats such as the malevolent Cadmus Laboratories as well as the Blackfire by Kory’s sister. Well, this ought to do enough to refresh your memory regarding the previous installment, and thus, we shall now head over to discuss all the details about the third season of Titans.

Titans Season 3 Release Date

Titans season 3 release date is on the 12th of August 2021 and the episodes are scheduled to drop out on HBO Max. The series will wrap up with all the episodes on the 21st of October 2021. This season is going to have 13 episodes which have again been executively produced by the iconic producer trio. This installment was confirmed back in 2019 after the second one got over. As for the filming process, it was supposed to get started by the spring of 2020 but we know how things turned out at that time last year.

But as soon as the situation went back to a bit normal, the filming commenced once again with all the necessary precautions taken by the crew but obviously was difficult to happen and took longer than usual because of the delays. But as of right now, a piece of happy news came in for all the fans of the series on the 15th of June 2021 when the creators announced that the shooting process is now finally over.

Titans Season 3 Filming Updates

Now, there is much more information revealed by the creators regarding the third season. The installment is supposed to drop out on HBO Max for the first time exclusively. This decision has come after the DC Universe original program channel has now been acquired by the streaming service of Warner Brothers. Also, you guys need to know that there is a lot in store for us with Titans season 3 because the creators have brought forth some new characters as well as antagonists.

It was officially announced that Damaris Lewis is going to join the cast members as Blackfire, a character from DC Comics. On the other hand, we have another villain joining the show for the third outing, that is, Vincent Kartheiser enacting the character of Jonathan Crane. The first three episodes of the series are to look out for because they will release on the premier date altogether and thus, creating the necessary anticipation which we desperately need.

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