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Titans Season 3 Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & Recap

Spoilers And Release Date For Titans Season 3 Episode 7
From Titans Season 3 Episode 6 Featuring Jason

Titans Season 3 Episode 7 will mark the beginning of a new stronger working relationship probably. Thus giving two of the characters a little feel of nostalgia as well. Recently on the show, Crane was not willing to open up about his plans to Jason. This all came from the impatience he sees in him. But in turn, Jason loses it all and is now may be willing to go against him. Acknowledging the same, Crane made sure he has a replacement and this comes in the form of Lady Vic who is quite familiar with Barbara and Dick.

So the show took us six years into the past to tell us about the budding relationship of Dick and Barbara. At the same time how broken it is presently. Lady Vic’s return not only threatens them but also forced them to come back together as they also reminisced the old days towards the end. On the other hand, Kory and Connor worked their way out to track the medical equipment Crane is searching for. In the process, Kory had to deal with her sister who could soon be turning on her sister. So here is a complete breakdown of what happened and what we can expect from Titans Season 3 Episode 7

Titans Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

Previously on Titans, we opened up with a mysterious blonde woman as in Lady Vic overhearing a police couple’s gossip. The couple has been dating although their jobs don’t allow that. Shortly after, she kills them in cold blood. Meanwhile, Kory, Connor, and Gar bring Kory’s sister Blackfire to the Wayner Manor. As Blackfire settles down, Kori asks the boys to sleep with an eye open. She says wherever Blackfire goes, she brings chaos.

Events From Previous Episode That May Affect Titans Season 3 Episode 7

From Titans Season 3 Episode 6 Featuring Lady Vic and Barbara

The show takes us six years into the past. Dick as Robin stops a Selina Kyle copycat who turns out to be Barbara. He questions her moves and she responds that she wants an identity apart from being Gordon’s daughter and henceforth she is breaking the rules. That was until the past brings Dick back into the present returning home with a gunshot wound. This sees Gar turning green and angry about Dick not caring for the family. Jason spends time annoyed and trying to understand Crane’s plan. That was until he shows Jason the things Lady Vic could do hoping he will be patient.

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Dick takes Kory to investigate the mess of Lady Vic only to be denied to enter the crime scene. This makes Dick realize he needs to fix things with Barbara. So he does and Dick comes up with an idea to use Oracle only for her to deny. Kory, Connor, and Blackfire look for Dr. Christine Vo, the inventor of medical equipment Crane wants. They find her attached to a bomb and Superboy saves the day in time. In the process, they lose Blackfire.

Ending For Titans Season 3 Episode 6

From Titans Season 3 Episode 6 Featuring Barbara and Dick

Dick breaks into the hospital to get the audiotapes. Gar assists him as they have a heart-to-heart about Jason’s changed persona. They both later analyze the audios and Dick identifies her. The show takes us back to the time Dick and Barbara battled Lady Vic and it ended up with Vic losing her accomplice. Meanwhile, back in present, Lady Vic lures Barbara to her. Barabara ends up giving Lady Vic a tough fight leaving her to fall back.

The episode comes to a close with Blackfire bringing a strong lead. Plus she realizes the real reason Starfire doesn’t like her here is that she could be better. Barbara and Dick get back together as he escorts her back home. Jason doesn’t care for Crane and hands out a bag of anti-serum to a group of thugs to cause chaos.

Titans Season 3 Episode 7 Release Date & Spoilers

Titans Season 3 Episode 7 is releasing on September 9, 2021, and will be available to stream on HBO Max at around 3:00 a.m. ET. Six episodes remain before Titans Season 3 concludes with the finale on October 21, 2021. So expect a new episode every Thursday following the seventh for the third season of Titans. Titans Season 3 Episode 7 might come to Netflix internationally only once the third season finishes its run.

Titans Season 3 Episode 7 is reportedly titled,” “51 Percent”. There is no official synopsis for the episode yet. As for now, we expect Barbara and Dick to slowly realize the reason they need to get back together. Lady Vic has brought them together and Barbara’s home reminded Dick of a lot of memories though. Also, it may be high time Barbara considers bring the Oracle into play with the number of enemies coming their way.

Meanwhile, it seems like Crane and Jason’s relationship is coming to a fall. So Lady Vic seems to be the next replacement. Now the question remains if Jason gets back to his old friends or continues with his own ways. A similar fall in a relationship can be expected from the sisters Starfire and Blackfire. It may mean that Titans may have another enemy to deal with amidst so many.

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