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Titane Review: Messed Up And Worth To Look At!

Titane Review
From The Official Trailer Of Titane

A French Movie titled “Titane” just recently won Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and we wonder what this body horror had in store. Right from the beginning towards the end. The movie had subtle different elements apart from what films from France are known for. We mean, of course, coming from the director Julia Ducournau, there are elements of her previous outing “Raw” and its nature. The trailer of the film kind of gave us away from that we are in for something darker. But at the same time, we kind of received what we would dub it as an entertainer sort of film. So here we are with our review and take on Titane.

Julia Ducournau’s Titane not only sees her on directing but also on the writing team with Jacques Akchoti and Jean-Christophe Bouzy. The movie stars Vincent Landon, Agatha Rouselle, and Garance Marillier in the lead roles. Agatha Rouselle, as seen in the trailer, kind of carries the weight of the film. Now with Palm d’Or, we bet the film is following what Parasite followed back in time. So with no further adieu, let’s take a look at what the film is all about and what we felt after looking at Titane.

Titane Plot Summary

Titane tells the story of Alexia, a girl with a metal plate, as in titanium fitted in her head. Something she received after an accident she went through as a kid. All thanks to her father, who has never been careful towards her. Fast forward to today, she works as a sex worker at a location where supercars and macho guys make their presence felt. Everyone dreams of the girls dancing on the cars instead of a pole, but no one gets everything.

Titane Plot Summary

From The Official Trailer Of Titane

Everything goes fine until one of the guys crosses his limit. Thus, leading Alexia to take desperate measures, which leads her to kill him. Now on the run from the police, Alexia being a lone survivor and baddie since the day she had the titanium fit manages to overcome every obstacle to save herself. This often results in her going on a killing spree with gruesome murders to completely changing her gender altogether. Leaving you thinking about who she is exactly. Now, Let’s review Titane.

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Titane Film Review

In the opening minutes of the Titane, you might find yourself lost for what kind of movie you have got yourself in for. For some parts, it carries raw and cannibalistic nature. Then all of a sudden, we have Fast And Furious happening. Also, the dark family tale protagonist carries. To be clear, having patience and moving into the film will tell you how each and every element makes up for the film. Thus making it stand out.

People wanting to compare with realism and everything. Well, they might want to stay away. The movie comes off as wild imagination retelling an in-depth storyline of the main character’s past. This works really well if you are bought into the fact that lets believe the tale the director is trying to tell. Apart from that, the story also manages to fulfill three kinds of fans’ wishes. There is action and cars, at the same time a dark tale and some emotional weightage.

Titane Good and Bad Aspects In Review

From The Official Trailer Of Titane

The main character in Alexia is performed brilliantly by Agathe Rousselle. Her condition with metal inside her and the performance itself gives away the essence and scare of body horror. Something the movie wants to give. This comes from the fact that one of the scenes in the film sees her taking on a new identity. That’s one of the parts when she is on the killing spree and is running away from Vincent. To the limits she could go to transform herself completely into another gender is something that leaves you in huge awe. Also, the fact that how Alexia can resonate with her condition of having metal inside her with the cars she models upon. We can see the lust right there.

But that’s all for Alexia, and it seems like the character has carried the film on her shoulders. It seems like the creators spent a lot of time building her up, which really turned out great. But at the same time, it kind of stole the spotlight from the other characters—the ones who can also have benefitted from the main with more interactions.

So coming to the whole circle to talk about it. Well, the first half will kind off-pump you up with the action. Also, the heterosexuality it showcases around the cars and girls present in the film. The second will carry the emotional side of things. At the same time, the cinematography also hints at the dark atmosphere the film is supposed to carry throughout its run.  Thus encompassing the film as a whole of its own. That’s all for Titane and its review.

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