‘Tinted With You Episode 2’: Lee Heon on Run for Securing Survival

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‘Tinted With You’ Episode 1: Meet the Exiled Crown Prince
‘Tinted With You’ Episode 2

‘Tinted With You Episode 2’ is going to hit the screen soon enough. Viewers out there are really excited about the new upcoming episode and also to know the storyline ahead. Undoubtedly, the show has created a huge buzz all over social media platforms, and fans are stacking up the same with their own theories about the show. They are all eager to know that if any of them comes true in the upcoming episodes. The engagement level of the show has shot up through the roof, and it is not going to come down anytime soon.

Moreover, the show has attracted a whole lot of viewers with its exclusive plot points and amazing genres. Also, the fact that it is the second Korean BL drama series this year makes it a whole lot special and worth watching. The first one was “Nobleman Ryu’s Wedding” which was released earlier this year. The creators of the show have done a great job in molding the genres of history, fantasy, and romance into the plot and characters of the show. Both the cast and crew have done a great job in perfecting each scene of the show, and the results are really overwhelming in a positive way.

Here we have gathered all the details about the upcoming episode of the show. Therefore, let’s have a quick peek inside.

‘Tinted With You Episode 2’: When is The Release Happening?

‘Tinted With You Episode 2’ is going to release on December 24, 2021, at 8:30 PM. All the cliffhangers from previous episodes are going to be over really soon, and we will know the awaited storyline ahead. The show has managed to get a hold of an appreciative base of viewers. The first episode of the show has received a very amazing response from all its audience, and all of them are expecting that the show is going to do really well with its upcoming episodes too.

‘Tinted With You Episode 2’: Lee Heon on Run for Securing Survival
Tinted With You

Furthermore, the show is a quick watch with a total of eight episodes and each having a running duration of 12 minutes. Therefore, it won’t take much of your screentime and is definitely going to offer you pulp content in a short duration. We will have the final episode of the show on January 14, 2022, if the distributors follow the regular episode schedule. Though, if there are any changes made, we will keep you updated about the same.

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‘Tinted With You Episode 2’: Where to Watch?

There aren’t many streaming options available outside when it comes to catching up on the episodes of the show. Though, you can always surf the internet for more options. Though, if you are okay with buying a subscription, then Viki is the platform for you. It is available for both domestic and international audiences. Once you are subscribed to the channel then you are good to catch up with all the episodes of the show.

‘Tinted With You Episode 2’: Cast and Synopsis

The cast lineup of the show has been impressively good and very attractive. It is no surprise that the show has got major attention even before its release, and the cast lineup of the show has played a big role in that. Furthermore, it is also a debut drama for many of its cast members. For the main lead of the show, we have Jun from A.C.E, Yoo Hyun Woo from ATO6, and Kim Tae Jung. Among them, Yoo Hyun Woo is making his acting debut through this historical drama series.

In the drama series, Jun can be seen playing the role of 21st– century high schooler named Jung EunHo, Yoo Hyun Woo can be seen portraying the role of the exiled crown prince named Lee Heon, and Kim Tae Jung can be seen the role of Go Geum who is the bodyguard of Lee Heon.

‘Tinted With You Episode 2’: Lee Heon on Run for Securing Survival
Tinted With You

The plot of the show talks about the corrupted past of the Joseon Era. We meet the forcefully exiled crown prince, lee Heon who has been robbed of all his rights by his own elder brother. Heon lives in constant fear as his brother has secured multiple assassins to kill him. Living every day in a constant threat makes his life a living hell.

He has only one true ally, and that is his bodyguard. Meanwhile, thousand years ahead in the 21st-century, we meet a bright and bubbly high school senior named EunHo who loves painting more than anything. He is tasked to complete a strange and mysterious painting which unexpectedly sucks him thousand years back in past. Landing in the Joseon Era, he meets Heon. They both start on the wrong grounds but gradually starts to develop a soft spot for each other.

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