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Timmy Mallett Net Worth: How Much Does The Radio Personality Earn?

What is Timmy Mallett Net Worth
What is Timmy Mallett Net Worth

Timmy Mallett is an English presenter, artist, and broadcaster. Known for his funky colorful outfit, Timmy is also known as “Malltett’s Mallet”, “Utterly Brilliant” and “Blah!”. A native of Marple, Timmy started his media career while he was a student at the University of Warwick where he was working on student radio. He has a degree in history and has also worked at BBC Radio Oxford that was his dream job. He has also presented on Radio Luxembourg and Manchester’s Piccadilly Radio. Timmy later moved to Centre Radio (now renamed Leicester Sound) as the station’s launch presenter.

He used to host “Timmy on the Tranny” on Piccadilly for two hours at night from 8 PM. Timmy also had co-presenters Chris Evans, Andy Bird, and Karen Walsh while he was presenting a Manchester-based BBC2 youth music show that was named “Oxford Road Show”. All of them co-hosted the show for one year in 1984. Timmy has also won two Radio Academy Awards for Best Local Radio presenter in 1984 and best pop music show in 1986. In 1983 he made his TV debut by presenting Summer Run every Saturday morning. He also became a presenter of Wide Awake Club in the same year. The show was for Children, and it was co-presented by Michaela Strachan, James Baker, Tommy Boyd, and Arabella Warner. Timmy also owns Brilliant TV that is his own production company. He started appearing less after 2000 and made only small appearances on TV.

He has never revealed much about his wife. Timmy was married in 1990 and shared a child with his wife. He has kept everything secret about his family anyways. In 2008 he cycled alone from home in England through France and Spain. The story is included “Utterly Brilliant My Life’s journey” memoir published in 2020.

What is Timmy Mallet Net Worth?

Timmy Mallett has a net worth of $1,396 109 in 2021. His net worth has slightly increased from 2020. When asked what his best year in terms of money was, Timmy said that he wouldn’t reveal how much he earned but his best year was 1990. He said that 1990 was a magical year. Timmy added that his children’s TV show Wacaday earned him a lot. He added that his show “Pinky Punky”, “My Cute and cuddly mallet” are some of the shows that people still buy for their kids and travel in nostalgia. Timmy also said that he had a 1 million-selling hit record all over the world that was “Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini”. 

When asked whether he save money as a pension or invest in the stock market, Timmy replied yes. He said that investing is boring, but the results are amazing and fruitful. Timmy said that he prefers Ethical investments and started investing according to his financial adviser. Timmy advised that while investing, have a companion that has similar interests and ambitions as yours. Apart from all of his earnings sources, Timmy revealed that he owns a property in UK and Australia. 

Timmy Mallett may be no superstar now, but he still receives fan mails, and people send him their love daily. Timmy is now a local celebrity in the village. There is no data of how he earns his livings now, but Timmy is healthy and safe. Even if he is doing something for his income, he will never reveal it and the internet will never know about it. His show recordings still get many buyers which might earn him a good amount of money.  

What is Timmy Mallett Net Worth

Timmy Mallet on Margaret Thatcher And Theresa May

Timmy’s memory with two of most of the powerful persons of the world that is Theresa May and Margaret Thatcher is worth admiring. He recalls that May out of nowhere, popped up just to wish him good luck for his new adventure. He added that her entrance was extraordinary. Timmy said that she came out of her Jaguar with arms wide and shouting his name hugged him.

Timmy also recalls his meeting with Margaret Thatcher back in 1988 and recalled a very funny incident. He said that he was invited to the House of Commons Christmas Party, where he had hit Margaret with Mallett’s Mallet and bopped it on her head. His instant reaction was,”oh my god I hit the prime minister”.

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