Time Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast & Renewal

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Time season 2
Time season 2

Sean Bean and Stephen Graham star in this BBC thriller drama about prison life. When a man goes to jail and begins to get accustomed to the harsh realities of incarceration, he befriends his jailer. But all of a sudden, things take a sharp turn when the other inmates begin to bully the new inmate. That’s when the plot thickens in this three-part series that aired on BBC and the iPlayer this season. Today in Otakukart, we are sharing with you everything we know about BBC’s Time season 2.

Time was created by Jimmy McGovern, also known for developing the 1990s drama series “Cracker”. Additionally, Lewis Arnold directed this series. You may remember Lewis Arnold from his work in television from shows like “Des,” “Humans” and “Broadchurch”. The series aired on June 2021 and gathered millions of viewers in the United Kingdom. With such great reception, many are wondering if there will be a second series or will this production be a standalone miniseries. Without any furder ado, let’s find out!

Time Plot

This section contains major spoilers. In consequence, bear in mind that if you haven’t watched this series, we are sharing major plotlines in this part which might ruin the experience for you. Sean Bean portrays Mark Cobden, a former teacher who is thrown in the deep end when he is unprepared for the brutal severity of prison life. He was sentenced to four years in jail for murdering a cyclist while drunk driving. He is tormented by another prisoner in his early days in jail, and he has several difficult cellmates. Notably, Aneurin Barnard’s “Bernard”. To halt the bullying, he seeks the assistance of Jackson Jones (Line of Duty’s Brian McCardie). An older convict who we learn is the boss of a smuggling network and who soon seeks a favor from Mark.

Meanwhile, Mark had pleased the prison’s Catholic chaplain, Marie-Louise (Siobhan Finneran), with his counsel and tolerance with other convicts and juvenile criminals who visited the facility. Registering him up for a meeting, Mark is trusted to leave the jail alone, and this is when Jackson comes to his aid. But he was unable to carry it through. This results in a horrific snooker ball sock assault on Mark, but he is rescued in Time by another prisoner Kav, whom Mark has taught to read.  Later, we witness Mark meet with the widow of the guy he murdered. Played by Sean Bean in a masterclass in acting, who is terribly contrite. And Anne Warren (Anna Madeley) confesses that she will do her best to forgive Mark one day.

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Why did Mark Cobden go to jail?

As stated earlier, Mark Cobden, played by Sean Bean, was a teacher and an alcoholic until being imprisoned for four years for killing a man on the road while drinking. Mark was forced to make peace with his guilt and live in the unpredictable prison environment once he was inside a hell-like reality. Throughout his travels, his character got drawn into a variety of illegal operations. His conscious fight, on the other hand, remained the same: he wanted to be a better person for his kid and his parents, who entrusted him with their lives.

Time season 2
Time season 2

Time Ending Explained

Mark got released from jail early after serving two years after originally being sentenced to serve four years in prison. Later, he visits Eric, his former personal support officer, who is later sentenced to four years in jail for his role in the prison smuggling operation.
We also saw a quick flashback to Mark as a free man, meeting with Anne Warren (Anna Madeley). The widow of the man he murdered while drunk driving. We learn that Jackson had blackmailed prison officer Eric McNally (Stephen Graham) into bringing cocaine and other contraband into the facility.

In the previous episode, Eric is caught smuggling and confesses, claiming that he did it to protect his son, who is incarcerated at another facility. In order to keep his child safe, he is sentenced to four years in jail and refuses to provide names or incriminate others. The final moments of Time see Mark and Eric switching places from the beginning of the story. Eric is ready to serve his term, while Mark is preparing to be released. The conversation is awkward and emotional, but Anne says that she will do her hardest to forgive Mark one day.

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Why did Eric break the law?

Eric was the officer in command of the jail where Mark was incarcerated. He was a peaceful and virtuous guy at first. However, a convict quickly discovered his frailty and began blackmailing him. Eric’s kid was incarcerated in another facility, but the blackmailers discovered a method to harm him. The convicts forced Eric to smuggle narcotics into his jail facility via his kid, or he would lose custody of his son. A helpless parent obliged the requests and went against the law.

Time season 2
Time season 2

Did Mark Cobden get probation?

Mark was sentenced to four years in prison at first because he confessed, pled guilty, and gave no plea in mitigation. However, owing to his exemplary conduct in jail and interactions with the college students, he was only freed after two years. Mark had every opportunity to become wicked like his fellow inmates, yet his need for atonement kept his awareness alive. What was Mark’s problem? Aside from the unpredictability of his cellmates, Mark’s sorrow was dragging him down every day.

He attempted to write a letter to the man’s wife (whom he murdered in a car accident), but she refused. Mark’s main challenge was to seek for forgiveness. Later, when he was sent to the Crime and Punishment convention, he spoke at it. He said that he believed his incarceration was a penance for his actions. It got him through a year, but the bubble eventually popped. He recognized that there is no way to atone for the death of another human being. The least and most that can be done is to try.

Time Season 2 Release Date

Time season 2 won’t release ever, mainly because the producers envisioned the series as a standalone production. Moreover, the producers have no plans of developing a second season. If you take a look at the characters and script, they were written up to a logical conclusion. Additionally, the series centers around Mark Cobden’s story arc. From the day he steps foot in jail to the day he leaves. In consequence, producing a second series would revolve around Eric’s story, with a different arc and a different narrative. Thus, it would be quite disappointing for the public. Some series are best short-lived.

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Watch Time Online – Streaming Details

If you wish to watch Time online, you can do it on the BBC website via iPlayer. A subscription to this service is entirely free. However, the service is geolocated to the United Kingdom. In consequence, you will need a Television License to confirm your subscription. Once done, you can stream the three episodes of “Time” at the moment of your choice. Additionally, BBC iPlayer offers a wide variety of programs, movies, series, documentaries, and content entirely free.

Time season 2
Time season 2

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Sean Bean leads the cast as Mark Cobden, a former teacher who killed a man in a drunk-driving accident. You may remember Sean Bean from such roles as Ned Stark in HBO’s Game of Thrones or Peter Jackson’s The Lord of The Rings. Secondly, Stephen Graham plays prison guard Eric McNally, a comprehensive man in charge of the prison which faces a moral dilemma. You may remember Stephen Graham from Martin Scorsese’s “The Irishman” as Tony Provenzano or Tommy in Guy Ritchie’s “Snatch”  Thirdly, James Nelson-Joyce plays Johnno.

In the supporting cast, we have Nabil Elouahabi (from Netflix’s Top Boy) as Patterson, Natalie Gavin as Jardine. Hannah Walters as Sonia McNally. Nadine Marshall as Alicia Cobden, Aneurin Barnard (from The White Queen) in a fantastic performance as the inmate Bernard. Brian McCardie as Jackson Jones, Michael Socha plays Kenny Meadows. Cal MacAninch plays Galbraith, Siobhan Finneran plays Marie-Louise, Jonathan Harden plays Brendan Murphy. With this, we conclude our coverage of BBC’s Time here at Otakukart. Thank you for reading this article. And please keep coming back for more daily updates on all your favorite series and shows.

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