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Tim Stokely Net Worth: OnlyFans Banning Content And The Controversy

Tim Stokely
Tim Stokely

With the news that OnlyFans will be banning sexually explicit and exploitative content from October 1, 2021, Tim Stokely, the CEO of the company, is being talked about in the news. He’s understandably going to lose millions of dollars in income, but the move has been appreciated by figures across the digital industry. Let’s read into who Tim Stokely really is, what his background is, and how much has he earned so far being the head of OnlyFans.

Tim Stokely is the British businessman who reportedly has ballooned up his net worth after the creation of OnlyFans. Various financial outlets have calculated his net worth to be a 12-digit number, and that’s solely coming through OnlyFans. The move to ban explicit content has hit adult content creators hard because, according to many of them, they lose their chance to earn their livelihood in these times and thus don’t have a chance to be wealthy anymore. The digital platform has requested banking partners and payment processors to support them in banning sexually explicit content on their platform. Let’s read more into the news and the net worth of Tim Stokely.

Tim Stokely: Early Life

The British CEO comes from a long line of investment bankers. People from his family are mostly associated with Barclays. He comes from a privileged background and is the youngest son of Guy Stokely, who himself was an investment banker at the said corporation. Tim Stokely was born in July 1983 in Harlow, Essex, the United Kingdom, He went on to attend Anglia Ruskin University and worked in the adult entertainment market straight off.

British businessman Tim Stokely banned adult content

British businessman Tim Stokely: took a loan from his father and raked up his net worth in millions.

His first major job came with the adult performance websites GlamGirls and Customs4U. Only fans are a family affair as Tim, his older brother, and his father have been associated with the platform. Tim and his older brother, Thomas Stokely, took a £10,000 loan from their father, Guy, to establish the website OnlyFans in 2016. It is reportedly said that Tim’s father warned him before loading him the money, saying it was going to be the last one. But the business venture worked very well, and Tim as we know, raked up his net worth in millions. Additionally, Tim has also been associated with a site that connects customers to an online pornographic website, known as tradespeople.

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Tim Stokely: Journey To Becoming A Billionaire

Tim’s numerous debacles in the previous term of his career led him to rectify his mistakes this time around. He started off by introducing third-party referrals in his business. This referral system was put into place, and it provided the incentive to recruit new content creators to the site. Numerous financial outfits like to describe Tim as “the king of homemade porn” as most of the content on OnlyFans’ content is pornographic in the genre. When asked whom he looks up to as a father figure, Tim has often spoken of the investor Warren Buffett and cites his practices in business as the driving force behind his life.

In 2011 Tim created the glam fetish site called

Tim Stokley also created the BDSM fetish site called

Tim Stokely: Net Worth Of The Pornographic Mogul

Having said all this, it is quite obvious that over the years, Tim’s net worth has only increased in digits. Because the third-party content creators earn loads of money from his website- almost 80% of the subscription fee goes to them, more and more adult content creators came to Tim’s website to join him in on the venture. Thus in such a short span of time, Tim’s net worth and his business boomed. OnlyFans charges around $4.99–$49.99 per month for access to prime content from an independent creator. So in a way, it is only a platform to host independents, but again, the majority of the content on the website remains pornographic.

Tim Stokely’s net worth is $120 million! OnlyFans was valued at more than $1 billion, but with time, less and fewer people wanted to invest in it. Therefore such a game-changer approach had to be taken. Only time will tell how the different approaches will work for Tim’s business and his website.

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