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TikTokers Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera Broke Up

There is much there behind the scenes; not everything we see on the screen is not what is in actual and what is, in reality, is not always told out. A few months ago, popular  TikTokers Lexi Rivera and Ben Azelart who are very popular on the internet due to their collaborated videos that the audience always loved. After being in a relationship for 3 straight years, the couple finally decided to mend their ways differently and said they are breaking up through an emotional video on Youtube.

Lexi Rivera’s brother is more popular on TikTok with close to 35 Million followers of Brent on the platform, while his sister had a follower count of around more than 14 million. Ben Azelart, who too once used to be an independent creator with 11 followers on TikTok, has in few years started collaborating with the Siblings, and there he came in contact with Lexi. Soon, Lexi and Ben became great friends and started making many TikToks together and took their relationship of friendship to another level. Both of them started dating each other and had been in the news for the three-year-long relationship which ended in November last year.

TikTokers Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera Broke Up

TikTok Ben Azelart and Lexi Rivera Broke Up

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Did they announce it Out?

The breakup scenario of the two wasn’t that harsh as it seems from the outside. Because they made the official news out through a YouTube video where both were seen explaining their viewpoints and ending up it up in a mutual way such that no grudge or hatred is feeling between them for any of them if you watch that video, you will come to know that it was more on the emotional side of their love story and due to the same reason they were batting their relationship is ending. Though the video wasn’t that long, it solved many doubts of the fans who were wondering what exactly was going in their lives. They too admit that they too know that they are sorry for being so late to respond to their fans, but the fact was that they were in a very confusing state, so how could they explain the things in front of their fans but it seems now everything is sorted and now they have made the things clear in front of their fans.

What happened between them?

Exactly what may have happened would have been known to the two only, but from the information, we got from the YouTube video that they made to mutually end their relationship. In the video, they say that they still have mutual respect. Lexi says that Ben is one of the best people whom she had ever met in her lifetime, and she has great respect for him still to which Ben responds that the same goes with him as well and adds that she is one of the sweetest, funniest and nicest people he had ever come across.

You will get from the video that they both seemed very confusing in that relationship in the beginning, and the main reason was their ages. Both of them were in their teens, around 15 to 16 years old, and they could not figure out the difference between the actual relationship and the online relationship into which they both were engaged for a very long time. The online relationship they are talking about is basically the videos they have been making together on social media. They failed to account for the difference between the two and made them realize later into life, and now the things are in front of us. We all can see many things from this; the relationship we develop online may not be throughout life though it may be different for some people. As they too say in that video that being in a relationship is a different thing, and continuing the relationship, which was basically rooted in the online capacity, may not be to that extent, as they say.

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