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TikTok Weight Loss Dance: Does The Newest TikTok Trend Work?

TikTok weight loss

Tiktok followers cannot get enough of all the up-and-coming trends that available on the app, believe it or not, these trends are not only followed blindly by the followers, but these trends go on to become viral on almost all soil media platforms. Being one of the most used apps in the whole world, TikTok trends are the new thing in vogue, and everyone has to be a part of it to keep up with the trend!

From dancing videos to drinking chlorophyll, these trends, no matter how bizarre they are, have been going viral amongst followers within a second of their release on the app. It seems like one such new trend is claiming to make you healthier than ever! Know all about this brand new TikTok trend that is already going viral. Well, this trend is making some big claims, but experts might think otherwise!

TikTok Weight Loss Dance: Let Us Know All About This New Trend!

The brand new Tiktok has introduced a dance routine that is claiming to be so effective that you will lose a substantial amount of weight! One of the TikTok users first released the video where he is seen to be doing some serious routine exercise, and this is beloved to be so effective that you might end up getting the dashboard that you always wanted!

TikTok weight Loss

The TikTok challenge is going viral soon, and many users have been trying it out as well. The exercise requires a certain amount of strong work, and some have claimed that the exercise routine will give users a flat stomach and a six-pack! Like some of the other trends of TikTok, this trend is already going viral, with many followers trying it out. However, the newest trend has gained attention from fitness experts as well. What are they saying about the latest trend? Let’s find all about it.

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TikTok Weight Loss Challenge: How Far Is The Trend Effective?

While the Weightloss dance routine is trending in no time, fitness experts might think otherwise. According to these experts, the whole exercise might not be that effective, and rather, it might end up negatively affecting your body and mental health. Some trainers have also stated that while some of the users have claimed that it can also reduce the abdomen, it is nothing but a myth as it is not possible to reduce a specific part of the body through this exercise.

The fitness experts are condemning such trends as it is preaching a wrong notion that after doing this exercise, one can eat anything they want. This kind of exercise is misleading, and this is how one ends up gaining more weight. So, contrary to what this trend is claiming, it is advisable not to jump to conclusions as this form of exercise might be harmful in the long run.

TikTok Weight Loss Challenge: Fitness Experts Talk About The Challenge At Length!

While TikTok has managed to give us some fun trends, to begin with, this trend is receiving somewhat mixed reactions from fitness experts and trainers as it might be sending a misleading message across. Contrary to what the person who released the trend in the first place claims, experts are saying otherwise. Some have even explained  how it is a lot like someone is going on a run then binge eat and end up gaining more weight than expected. Weight loss can be achieved in a systematic manner, and this is not the correct way, according to these experts who are not big fans of this ongoing trend.


Moreover, an expert has explained how it is harmful to your mental health. Also, according to this expert, a fitness routine that leaves no room for error and even offers big punishment of someone who is not following it religiously might end up affecting mental health. While at first glance it looks simple, it is not really the case, and we should not confuse easy and simple, so while it has gained a million views and many are trying it out, it is advisable to make wiser choices. This trend might not be as easy as it seems!

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