Tiktok vs Youtube Fight Boxing: Here’s what we know

Nowadays, platforms like Tiktok and YouTube are recently gaining massive popularity. People are either making Tiktok videos or uploading videos content on their Youtube channels. Based on the number of views and likes on their videos, they not only earn money but also gain popularity across the world. Similarly, a few months back, an amateur boxing event, Tiktok vs. Youtube, was held. In the event, some Youtubers and Tiktokers fought against each other. The event was dubbed as the ‘Battle of the Platforms’. Where was the event held? Who won the battle? Who were those participants? You must be very much curious to know the details.

Talking about the event, in brief, it was a white-collar boxing event. In the meanwhile, there were some musical performances by DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, Migos, and many. It was booked by the Social Gloves. In this article, we shall cover every detail of that dramatic evening when the Battle of the Platforms took place. If you are interested, stay with us till the end of this article.

Tiktok Vs Youtube Fight Boxing
The main event

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When and where Did The Tiktok vs. Youtube Fight Boxing Event Happen?

Tiktok Vs. Youtube, dubbed as the ‘Battle of the Platforms’ was held on 12 June 2021. Regarding the venue, it took place at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens, Florida, United States. Tiktok Vs. Youtube, dubbed as the Battle of the Platforms, was broadcast on LiveXLive. In the middle of the fights, the event also featured some musical performances conducted by DJ Khaled, Trippie Redd, Migos, and some other artists.

Fight Card: Who are they?

1. Austin McBroom Vs. Bryce Hall

In the main event, Austin McBroom defeated Bryce Hall. Talking about the former, he runs a Youtube channel that goes by the name @The ACE family. As of November 2021, it has more than 19 million subscribers, and most of its videos have garnered more than 4.2 billion views.

On the other hand, the Tiktok channel run by Bryce Hall has more than 19.9 million followers.

2. AnEsonGib Vs. Tayler Holder

Earlier, we have seen AnEsonGib fighting a battle with Jake Paul and unsuccessfully losing it badly. This time, in the Tiktok Vs. Youtube, he was set to fight against the Tiktoker Tayler Holer. Successfully, he defeated Tayler.

3. FaZe Jarvis Vs Michael Le

The former one is a Youtuber who runs a channel that goes by the name @FaZe Clan. In November 2021, it has more than 8.69 million subscribers. He is a great gamer who has gained recognition for playing Fortnite. Michael Le’s TikTok account has more than 45 million followers, where he showcases his dancing skills on some amazing trending songs.

4. DDG Vs. Nate Wyatt

Both of them have something common in them, and that is their interest in music. Both DDG and Nate are musicians. Fighting against each other to make a platform win was on the next level.

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5. Deji Vs Vinnie Hacker

Earlier, we have seen Deji lose a battle fought against Jake Paul. However, in the Battle of the Platforms, his boxing experience made him win the match while fighting against the Tiktoker Vinnie Hacker. His Tiktok account has over 7 million followers.

6. Ryan Johnston Vs Cale Saurage

These battles do have some family connections as well. Ryan Johnston is the brother-in-law of the founder of The ACE Family, Austin McBroom (the winner of the main event). His fight with the Tiktok star Cale Saurage was a part of the undercard event.

7. Landon McBroom Vs Ben Azelart

Another fight on the undercard was the battle between Landon McBroom and Ben Azelart. Again a family connection! With the title itself, you must have assumed who the former one is. He is the brother of Austin McBroom. Though Ben Azelart has played under the Tiktok category, he also runs a Youtube channel that has more than 8 million subscribers and over 1 billion views on his videos.

Who won Tiktok Vs. Youtube?

The Tiktoker Austin McBroom defeated the YouTube star Bryce Hall in all three rounds with a technical knockout. The overall result of the entire event is – Youtube won over Tiktok by 5-1. Which platform did you support before knowing the result?

Tiktok Vs Youtube Fight Boxing
Austin McBroom- the winner of the main event of Tiktok Vs. Youtube

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