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Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel: Will Hannah and Connor Return?

Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel Release Date: Will Hannah and Connor Return?
Hannah Baker and Connor Casserly - credit HBO Max

Those Who Wish Me Dead is a neo-western action thriller film by Sheridan. Based on the novel of the same name by Michael Koryta, the film follows the story of Hannah Baker. As she suffers from PTSD, she encounters a helpless boy, Connor. He had only recently witnessed the death of his father. His dad was killed by a duo of assassins who were ordered by Arthur to kill him. His father had some secrets about Arthur. Now the assassins were after Connor, and Hannah takes it upon herself to make sure he is safe. Now that the film has released, let’s see, When will Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel Release?

While Those Who Wish Me Dead was based on a book by Michael Koryta, he also did the screenplay for the film. This gives one hope that a sequel film could be quite possible. A writer being involved in the filming could have them willing to be part of the future installments. The first film does not answer a lot of questions, which leaves Koryta a potential story to build upon. So, there is a huge possibility that if the film does commercially well that Koryta might just start working on a future storyline.

When will Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel Release?

Those Who Wish Me Dead sequel may be set to be released sometime in mid-to-late 2023. Those Who Wish Me Dead first released on 5th May 2021 in South Korea. After this, the film released in the US and Canada on 14th May 2021. Along with the theatrical release, the film even released on HBO Max, which will be available to watch for 31 days on the streamer.

As of now, the filmmakers of Those Who Wish Me Dead haven’t made any official statement regarding a sequel film. And considering the original film was based on a 2014 novel, a sequel will require a new story. The material to this is not readily available. So, making a new novel or a new script will take some time before any filming could begin. This could either be made Koryta alone or with some assistance with scriptwriters. Of course, this would require the sequel to be given a green light by Warner Bros. which could highly depend upon the audience’s response to the original film. If the film happens to be a commercial success, there is no reason for them to hold on until too late to give the green light to the sequel, Therefore the scriptwriting, filming, and editing could all take up to mid-to-late 2023.

Angelina Jolie as Hannah Baker – credit HBO Max

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What will be the Plot for the Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel?

At the end of Those Who Wish Me Dead, we see that Jack Blackwell is killed by Alisson. Meanwhile, Hannah and Connor have Patrick Blackwell on their tail. Hannah tries to hold him off while she asks Connor to go towards the river holding hid breath. But as he sticks back, both of them together manage to incapacitate Patrick Blackwell with an ax. After which he gets fatally injured while being caught in a wildfire. Hannah and Connor hurry to the river in which they submerge themselves on their backs breathing in the outside air as little as possible. As they survive, Connor gets his chance to reveal his dad’s secrets to the media.

Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel Release Date: Will Hannah and Connor Return?

Hannah and Connor

These secrets have major ripples affecting certain government officials in scandals. While Ethan succumbs to his wounds, Allison stays alive making use of a gas mask in the tower. And now, it seems like Hannah will be looking after Connor. She might either adopt him or even take care of him until she can find a suitable setting for him. Either way, she may become a significant part of his life. There is even the possibility that after facing her fears, Hannah might go back to being a smokejumper.

The Those Who Wish Me Dead Sequel may be set directly after the events of the first film. Here, Hannah and Connor could be together while they are attacked by a second group of assassins. Arthur may send in the second group of assassins to silence Connor, but it could be too late. Maybe Arthur would just want to attack the kid out of spite of revealing his secrets. This could make Arthur the primary antagonist for the sequel film.

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